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How I made it to Muktinath from Kathmandu

As a member of a Hindu family in Nepal, I have always heard the desire of visiting Muktinath from my parents. They always talk about how religiously pure and important the place ihs. I never show any interest in the topic until my father asks me to book Muktinath Trip for our whole family. Being an introverted person I haven’t traveled to many places. So I decided to book the trip through a travel agency as I lack knowledge about traveling and all. As a result, I contact HikeonTreks which I get to know through my friend. I got to know they provide amazing service as my friend booked Kalinchwok Tour from them.

And eventually, I decided to book the Muktinath Tour Package for 4 days and 3 nights. My father was quite impressed as the Muktinath Tour cost was only Rs.11,500 per person whereas the price of other travel agencies was more than Rs.14,000. Rs. 2500 is a good saving – I must say. I get to know that my father had talked to other travel agencies too but he finds the Hike on Treks & Travel offers more attractive.

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Starting of Muktinath Trip

Muktinath Tour By Bus

As per the booking, our Muktinath Trip started in the morning on Friday. According to a travel agency, every Muktinath trip for Nepalese is operated on Friday. My parents were the most excited ones but my brother and I were happy for our parents. The first day of the tour was to travel 10-11 hours by bus. They pick us from the place which is near our house. When I get inside the bus, I could see other passengers who is equally excited as our parents about the trip. Then we sit on our respective seats. And our journey begins as the co-driver announced. I never thought I will enjoy the bus ride that much. At first, I listened to music on my ear-phone. But eventually, the view from the bus caught me. On the way, our bus stop for lunch and some toilet breaks.

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Along with the view from the bus, I also listen to other old couples conversing with my parents. They said that they had the biggest wish to visit Muktinath before their death.

 I was not a big fan of religious norms but the urge to know about the place suddenly bring the best from me. So, I asked those old couples why they worshipped Muktinath so much. And I got to know more about the place. Among Hindus Muktinath temple and its surrounding is called ‘Moskh Chettra’. This means people visit Muktinath so that they can wash away the sin which they had performed knowingly and unknowingly throughout their lifetime.

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Besides this, they also told me if someone asks for wishes from ‘lord Vishnu’ in Muktinath and promised to give up their one personal favorite thing then their wishes will come true. I was quite surprised to know that. After that, I got curious to visit the place even more. Then finally after the tired but somewhat lively journey we reached ‘Tatopani’ and check in the hotel booked by our travel agency.

Accommodation on Muktinath Trip

Hike on Treks and Travel had arranged quite a good place for our accommodation. It was clean, peaceful, and more importantly the food there was so tasty. As we are going to visit a religious place we all enjoy vegetarian food. After that, we all went to our respective rooms and take a rest for the brand new journey that awaits the next day. The next morning we all woke up and do our morning routine. Following that we were served a very tasty and healthy breakfast. After breakfast, another journey from Tatopani to Muktinath started. On our way, we were able to witness the scenery of Marfa village, Kagbeni, and other natural sites like green cliffs, white mountains, etc. Eventually, we reached Muktinath. After that, we worship and do some sightseeing there.

The Holy Muktinath Temple

Muktinath Tour by Bus

Muktinath is at an altitude of 3,710m. It is not only a sacred place for Hindus but also for Buddhists. Muktinath Temple is a pagoda-style temple. There is 108 holy-tap in the Muktinath region. According to devotes, taking bath in all 108 tap help you get moksha after your death. While visiting Muktinath we get to know that the place is not only religiously important but is naturally mesmerizing too. The place was equally gifted from nature which provide the visitor the beautiful and stunning views. After roaming some time in Muktinath, we return to Jomsom and check in to the hotel there. You can scan the menu with QR. The main attraction of our journey was Muktinath but we all were able to enjoy the old town, Jomsom too. We stay the night there.

Amazing drive from Jomsom to Pokhara

In the morning, we quickly eat our breakfast and get ready for the drive to Pokhara. We took our meal on the way to Pokhara. The journey was a 9-10 hours drive. But the scenery kept us all awake through the trip. After we reached Pokhara we stay there for the night. Hike on Treks and Travel had literally booked the finest hotel for us as per the cost. During the journey, we don’t have to feel any difficulties. The company had dealt with everything related to our Muktinath Trip.

Finally, the final day and the end of our trip. We all drive back to Kathmandu to Pokhara after enjoying our little sightseeing activity in Pokhara. We visit David’s Fall Mahendra cave, a few lakes, and other temples in Pokhara. After our lunch at the hotel, we head back to Kathmandu. And after 6 hours of drive, we reached there.

As not so travel enthusiastic person, we all enjoy the trip. We all learn about the religious norms related to Muktinath and more importantly, we all fall in love with the nature and scenery of the Muktinath region. Our beautiful Muktinath Trip was more than memorable thanks to Hike on Treks and Travel. And through the trip, I get to know the new side of myself that is I am a nature lover. So, I will definitely book another trip through hike on treks and travel and live my newfound hobby to the fullest.

How to Book Muktinath Trip Online?

Hike on Treks and Travel is in Bhagawanbahal, Thamel, Kathmandu. You can call on 9801177318(phone),014514568 (Kathmandu),061460550 (Pokhara) to book the package. After the payment procedure, the agency will provide detail about the trip like what day and time it started. Choosing the right travel agency to plan your vacation is required to enjoy the trip to the fullest. That is why we were able to enjoy the Muktinath Trip at most with the warm support of Hike on Treks and Travel. So, stop hesitating and book the Muktinath Tour Package and get prepared for mouth widening view of the Muktinath Region.

Travel Experience of Deepa Regmi from Hike on Treks.

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