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Dolpo Region Trek

Dolpo Region Trek
  • Max Altitute:5093 m
  • Price:****
  • Difficulty:Normal
  • Duration:28 day

Dolpo Region Trek

Trip Overview

Dolpo region trek takes you to the isolated western part of Nepal. Equally important, the Dolpo region is a paradise unexplored. Nature rewards this region with exceedingly amazing landscapes. Likewise, serene beauty that resembles the ones of Roof of the world- Tibet. Dolpo region is the last enclave of pure Tibetan culture on earth. Dolpo region has Phoksundo and Mugu Karnali valley in the north-west. In like manner, the sixth highest mountain in the world Mt. Dhaulagiri (8172m) lies in the south-west of the Dolpo region. This region consists of villages which are the highest altitude places where humans actually live in the whole world.

Dolpo Region Trek Cost:

Cost for Dolpo Region Trekk
No of PeopleCost for Person(USD)
1 pax****
above 2 person****
If you are looking for only a service then we provide it for only ****. Services include a potter guide, all local transport by bus, all government permits, and insurance for Nepali.

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Note:  According to Trekking Terms and Conditions, if the client cancels the booking of the trek then the refund policy is as given:

• After booking The Trek if an Individual Gets un-well and Cancels his/her trip Before 1 Day of Scheduled Date Company will Charge 60% of Trip amount as Cancellation fund.
• After booking The Trek if an Individual Cancels his/her trip Before Arriving here in Nepal Due to any reason Company will Charge 20% of Trip amount as Cancellation fund. (Note: if an individual Postpones the trip No Cancellation change will be taken)
• After the trip is started and if an individual cancels the trip in between Due to any region (Medical, Personal etc.) no refund will be offered. Full Trip cost will be charged by company.


Eric Valli, a French geographical photographer working for National Geographic has shown the Dolpo region of Nepal in all its integrity and full mystical experience. Dolpo region offers you the chance to see rain-shadow landscapes and stunning mountain visions. Similarly, luxurious green forests, gorgeous wildflowers, Himalayan blue sheep and birds, all in this remote and fascinating region of Nepal.

After you have arrived in Kathmandu you can rest and you will get to enjoy exploring Kathmandu valley on the second day. Here in Kathmandu, you will explore UNESCO world heritage sites. In addition to that, you will explore Hindu and Buddhist culture Visiting Temples and monasteries.

From Kathmandu, you will then fly to Nepalgunj and finally to Jhupal from there. You will now explore Dolpo region starting from Jhupal. You will be spotting amazing landscapes and serene beauty that resembles the ones of Roof of the world- Tibet.

Shey Phoksundo Lake is the major natural attraction of the Dolpo region trek. Phoksundo Lake is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal’s Shey Phoksundo National Park. The Lake lies at an elevation of 3,611.5 m (11,849 ft) above sea level in the Dolpa District. In the southern belt of the lake, there are more than 20 stupas. In like manner, there is one gompa in the eastern side of the lake. People perform annual prayers and worship on those Stupas. Traditional Tibetan culture prevails in upper Dolpo. Likewise, Lower Dolpo including Ringmo village hosts Buddhism and Bon.


Detailed Itinenary

Itinerary for Lower Dolpo Region

Day 01: Arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) Kathmandu and transfer to hotel:

You will possibly be arriving at any time in Kathmandu. Our representative will receive you with a warm welcome and help you get transferred to the hotel. Further trip details, plans and programs will be provided to you. You will be staying overnight in Hotel.

Day 02: A full day for Kathmandu valley sightseeing:

You will be visiting UNESCO enlisted World Heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley and will explore Hindu and Buddhist culture Visiting Temples and monasteries. You will visit the heritage sites including Pashupatinath temple, Boudhanath stupa, stupa and Kathmandu durbar square. These sites provide better insight into Nepal’s History, culture and architecture of medieval times.

Day 03: Take a flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu: 1 Hour

From Kathmandu, you will fly to Nepalgunj located in Western Nepal. It’s an hour flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. It is one of the biggest towns located at the Nepal-India border. The town itself is an interesting Terai town that shows the diverse culture of Nepal. You will be staying overnight in Hotel.

Day 04: Take a flight from Nepalgunj to Jhupal (Dolpo) (2320m): 40 minutes flight and 4 Hours Trek to Dunai(2150m).

From Nepalgunj, You will take a flight to Jhupal. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful view of the Himalayan landscape that appears just before landing in Jhupal. From Jhupal, you will walk through terraced fields to the Bheri River and its narrow gorge and finally reach Dunai- the administrative headquarter of the Dolpo region. You will be staying overnight in Dunai.

Day 05: Dunai to Tarakot (2540m): 5-6 Hours

From Dunai, you will be hiking through the southern bank of the Bheri River heading upstream on an easy trail. Pass through several deep gorges, bridges and isolated villages you will be spotting the colourful, terraced field of Tarakot- small village standing on a hillock to the south of the Bheri River. It takes about 5-6 hours to reach Tarakot from Dunai. You will be staying overnight in Tarakot.

Day 06: Tarakot to Laini (3160m): 5-6 Hours

From Tarakot you will walk alongside Tarap Chu River, crossing it twice before reaching Sandul Gompa that lies at a juncture between Barbung Khola and Tarap Chu River. Continuing your trail that will take you through farm terraces and rural villages and making some ascending and descending you will finally reach Laini. It takes about 5-6 hours to reach Laini from Tarakot. You will be staying overnight in Laini.

Day 07: Laini to Nawarpani (3545m): 5-6 Hours

From Laini, you will be ascending on a steep trail and walk along switchback above the Tarap River. The hike will be quite exciting as you will encounter narrow gorges that in some places you can jump from one side to another. Several vigorous climbs uphill and downhill will take you to the banks of the Chyugur Khola. Hiking further you will reach Nawarpani. It takes about 5-6 hours to reach Nawarpani from Laini. You will be staying overnight in Nawarpani.

Day 08: Nawarpani to Do Tarap (4090m): 6-7Hours

From Nawarpani, you will gradually walk up all the way to Kamattarka at the confluence of the Tarap Chu and Lang Khola. Then you will cross a narrow gorge and typical of the dry inner mountainous valleys. Hiking for several more hours, you will Do Tarap surrounded by an irregular stone wall. Tarap is the home for Tibetans and mostly Magars who have lived here for many generations. It takes about 6-7 hours to reach Do Tarap from Nawarpani. You will be staying overnight in Do Tarap.

Day 09: Acclimatization in Do Tarap (4090m):

In Do Tarap, you can spend the day visiting nearby monasteries and you will also get a chance to explore the lifestyle of local people and get acquainted with the local culture. The Dolpo people wear homespun clothing. The clothing is sometimes dyed by a maroon colour. Similarly, they wear Tibetan style or (boots with upturned toes) for footwear. The people of the region follow both Bon Po and Nyingmapa (Buddhist sects). You will be staying overnight in Do Tarap.

Day 10: Do Tarap to Numa La Base Camp (4440m): 4-5 Hours

From Do Tarap, you will trek towards the upper Tarap valley enjoying views of lush grasslands of Inner Dolpo. You will then hike alongside Tarap Chu River and take pleasure in the amazing views of the vast Tarap valley with its wide plains and high mountains. Hiking through the village of Tokyu which houses a Buddhist monastery of the Chiba sect and exploring the monastery, You will continue walking up the valley on a rough trail and finally reach the Numa La Base Camp. It will be a 4-5 hours trek today. You will be staying overnight in Numa La Base Camp.

Day11: Cross Numa La pass (5190m) and camp at Pelung Tang (4465m): 6-7 Hours

You will continue your journey crossing Numa La pass at 5,190m, the trial goes to a steep climb all the way to the top ridge of Numa la with fantastic views of the breathtaking Himalayan landscapes. The view of the north face of the Dhaulagiri massif along with other distant snow-capped peaks is so spiritually invigorating. After a breathtaking moment at the pass, almost three hours of descending will bring you to Pelung Tang 4,465m or further for the overnight camp just before Baga-la or Basi-la pass

Day 12: Cross Baga La pass (5070m), trek to Dajok Tang (4080m): 6 Hours

From Pelung Tang, you will begin your steep ascend up to the top of Baga La pass. From there, you will get fantastic views of the dry landscape and the distant snow-capped mountains including Mt. Kanjirowa. You will spend some time at the top of the pass taking pictures and generally enjoying the mesmerizing views. It would be a 6 hours trek today. Next, you will descend to Dajok Tang for an overnight stay.

Day 13: Dajok Tang to Ringmo (3600m): 3-4 Hours

Hiking through the trails through beautiful alpine vegetation and further trekking for a short while on an easy trail with only gradual highs and lows, you will reach Ringmo Village- traditional Tibetan village of the Dolpo region. It will be 3-4 hours trek today. You will be staying overnight in Ringmo. Day13: Rest Day at Ringmo and hike to Phoksundo Lake (3612m): Today you will be exploring the monasteries is Ringmo village. Then you will hike to Phoksundo Lake. There are more than 20 more stupas in the southern belt, and one gompa in the eastern side of the lake, where annual prayers and worship are carried out. Phoksundo Lake is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal’s Shey Phoksundo National Park, located at an elevation of 3,611.5 m (11,849 ft) above sea level in the Dolpa District is the major natural attraction of this region. The scene is even delineating in a Hollywood movie ‘Caravan’ shot mostly in this location.

Day14: Trek to Shyanta (2520m): 5-6 Hours

From Phoksundo, you will descend down all the way to Chepka. From Chepka, the trail will be accompanied by massive overhanging rock. On the way, you can get medicinal minerals (Shilajit) which are believed to cure almost anything in this area. Passing through villages and making some ascends you will finally reach Shyanta . It will be about 5-6 hours walk from Phoksundo to reach Shyanta. You will be staying overnight in the hotel.

Day 15: Trek to Juphal: 5-6 Hours

Today, you will trek from to Juphal. From Shyanta , you will follow the river trail downstream to Juphal. You will ascend uphill through meadows and past a few houses to the small hotels at Kala Gaura (2090m). After several hours of Hiking, you will finally reach Juphal, which is the end point of the Dolpo region trek. You will be staying overnight in Jhupal

Day16: Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj: 1 Hour and 45 minutes flight

From Jhupal, you will take a morning flight to Nepalgunj. From Nepalgunj, you will take another flight to Kathmandu. You can enjoy viewing the landscapes below you when you are on the flight. After reaching Kathmandu airport you will be transferred to the hotel. You will be staying in the hotel overnight.

Day 17: Leisure day in Kathmandu:

You will relax for a day in Kathmandu. If you wish, you can take a tour of Kathmandu Valley. You can visit Thamel for buying some gifts that hold Nepalese originality and cultures. You will be staying in the hotel overnight.

Day 18: Transfer to Tribhuvan international airport for your final flight departure.

Our airport representative will transport you to Kathmandu international airport 3 Hours before your flight schedule. You will be taking a great lifetime experience from Nepal and you will be recalling your flight to Lukla when planes departure from Kathmandu international airport.

The Full itinerary of Dolpo region trek 

Day 1- Kathmandu arrival

Day 2- Free day in Kathmandu and preparation for the trip

Day 3-Fly to Nepalgunj (Approximately 6 hours)

Day 4- Fly to Juphal and Trek to Dunai (Approximately 6-7 hours)

Day 5- Trekking from Dunaito Hanke check post (Approximately 7 hours)

Day 6- Trekking from Hanke check post to Sumdo

Day 7-Trekking from Sumdoto Ringmo (through Shey-Phoksundo Lake) (Approximately 7-8 hours)

Day 8- Shey-Phoksundo national park excursion. Local village excursion

Day 9- Trekking from Ringmo to Silver Forest(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 10- Trekking from Silver Forest to Ngondala (through SeulaBhanjyang Base Camp)(Approximately 5-6 hours)

Day 11- Trekking from Ngondala to SheyGompa(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 12- Free day inSheyGompa

Day 13- Trekking from SheyGompa to Saldang(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 14- Trekking from Saldang to Sandang(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 15- Trekking from Sandang to Sibu(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 16- Trekking from Sibu to Jenjala Base Camp(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 17- Trekking from Jenjala Base Camp to Se La Base Camp(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 18- Trekking from Se La Base Camp to DhoTarap(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 19- Free day inDhoTarap

Day 20- Trekking fromDhoTarapto Big Cave(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 21- Trekking from Big Cave to Lahini(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 22- Trekking fromLahini to Tarakot(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 23- Trekking from Tarakot to HeuteGhar(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 24- Trekking from HeuteGhar to Dunai(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 25- Trekking from Dunai to Juphal(Approximately 5 hours)

Day 26- Fly to Nepalgunj and drive to Kathmandu (Approximately 7 hours)

Day 27- Free day in Kathmandu

Day 28- Departure from Nepal


Trip Info

1. What's Includes

  • Airport pickups and drops in a private transportation
  • Teahouse settlement amid the trek
  • All suppers (breakfast, lunch and supper) amid the trek
  • Welcome and goodbye suppers
  • All ground transportation on an agreeable private vehicle according to the schedule
  • Domestic flights
  • An experienced, English-talking and government-authorized trek pioneer and associate trek pioneer (4 trekkers: 1 aide control)
  • Porter service (2 trekkers: 1 porter)
  • Staff costs including their compensation, protection, gear, nourishment and convenience
  • All vital paperwork’s and trekking licenses ( TIMS)
  • Medical pack (conveyed by your trek pioneer)
  • All government and local charges

2. Doesn't Includes

  • Nepalese visa charge
  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu
  • Excess stuff charges
  • Travel and the rescue insurance
  • Personal costs (telephone calls, clothing, bar charges, battery revive, additional porter, bottle or bubbled water, shower, and so on.)
  • Tips for guide(s), porter(s) and driver(s)


Trip Highlights


  • Sightseeing of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kathmandu.
  • Spectacular View of Mount. Dhaulagiri, Kangirowa and The Tibetan Peaks.
  • Deserts and Beautiful Landscape with beautiful rural villages.
  • Explore Tibetan Buddhists and Bon Po Culture.
  • High Passes- Numa La and Baga La. Breath Taking Gorges and Colorful Monasteries.
  • Phoksundo Lake- alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal’s Shey Phoksundo National Park, located at an elevation of 3,611.5 m (11,849 ft) above sea level.


Trip Map

trip map

Fixed Departures

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