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Why Muktinath Tour by Bus?

While deciding to visit Muktinath, people may get confused to choose why Muktinath tour by bus, but not by flight or helicopter. Muktinath temple is at an altitude of 3,710 m from sea level in the Mustang district of Nepal. Mustang district is quite popular among the tourists as it is considered the only desert land of Nepal which barely receives any rainfall. It is on the bucket list of every people in Neal who are a travel enthusiast. The answer of why Muktinath tour by bus? can be many but the best reason to visit Muktinath by bus is the amazing full of a life road trip.

Muktinath Spiritual Tour, Muktinath Package Tour, Muktinath Tour

Road trips are exciting as we can enjoy the tour with our fellow roadies by singing, dancing, and playing different games. So why not road trip to Muktinath, it will make the journey even more endearing. Why Muktinath tour by bus? because the view which is served during the path is just mesmerizing. And it will give you the feeling of exploring nature surrounded by

  • Snow-capped mountains
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Rough and Stiff cliffs
  • Desertic Hills and much more

In addition, a magnificent view of the Himalayas can be observed from Muktinath which is also the plus point for the road trip to Muktinath. There are various reasons to visit Muktinath by bus so choose one reason and go for it. We can assure you that you won’t regret your decision.

Road Trip to Muktinath

Muktinath Tour Map

The route you follow while traveling by bus is one of the reasons to visit Muktinath by bus. The road trip to Muktinath starts at Pokhara but if you are traveling to Muktinath from other places of Nepal then the trip starts at a varying point. But the actual trip begins after you sit in the bus at Pokhara and head towards Jomsom which lies in the north of Pokhara in a very popular Mustang district.

To reach Muktinath by traveling by bus, you will need 2 days from Pokhara and 3 days from Kathmandu. Till Pokhara, you will enjoy the city view of Nepal along with different fast-flowing rivers, high hills, waterfall, etc. But the actual reason why Muktinath tour by bus starts after reaching Pokhara.

After Pokhara, we will travel through Nayapul, Beni, Tatopani, Ghasa, Lete, Marpha, and eventually to Jomsom. The drive is about 6-8 hours depending upon the weather condition.

Tourish Bus from Kathmandu to Muktinath

While driving you can enjoy the view of different land structures surround by high white mountains. During the journey, the bus will stop at various points for lunch or dinner where you can enjoy the local taste of food and hospitality. When you reach Jomsom, you can rest at the hotel to re-energize yourself on the next day’s journey. On the following day, you will continue the journey as a 2-hour drive in a jeep or any local bus. Then after a 15-20 min hike, you will reach your destination, the Muktinath temple. For anyone asking why Muktinath tour by bus you can share your experience of a road trip to Muktinath.

We are providing Muktinath Tour from Pokhara as well as Muktinath Tour from Kathmandu.

Cost of Muktinath Tour by Bus

We all are looking for an affordable and exciting tour. So the actual answer for why Muktinath tour by bus can be this. Compare to other methods like helicopter, flights, trekking, etc road trip to Muktinath is cheaper and anyone can afford the expenses. If we can the tour Package for Muktinath wisely then we can complete the trip by bus at about $750-$800 at minimum. Many people want to travel but are withdrawing their desire to travel due to lack of money. But this trip is quite affordable, so the student can also visit Muktinath temple. 

Upper and Lower Mustang Trekking Tour Packages Cost, Price and Reviews  2020-21 - Bookmountaintours.com
Lower Mustang View

The reasons to visit Muktinath by bus can also depend upon the personal situation and preference for the tour. If you choose to have a road trip to Muktinath then you can enjoy the exclusive Muktinath region at an affordable price. This will make you feel at ease as every penny spend will worth the journey.

More Indian tourists visiting Muktinath - The Himalayan Times - Nepal's  No.1 English Daily Newspaper | Nepal News, Latest Politics, Business,  World, Sports, Entertainment, Travel, Life Style News
Muktinath Temple

There are various agencies in Nepal which provide Muktinath road trip at the best price. You can choose them according to your financial convenience. This is one of the best reasons to visit Mustang by bus.

Except for all this, we shouldn’t forget the real reason to visit Muktinath. This place is full of religious significance. There are different spiritual places like Kundas (ponds), Mukti Dhara, Mharme Lhakhang Gompa, Shaligram which carry separate importance. Besides this, nature has given the perfect gift as beautiful scenarios. Now it’s your time to answer Why not Muktinath Tour by bus if anybody question about why Muktinath tour by bus. The road trip to Muktinath will be forever stored in your memory because the tour will provide every aspect of enjoyment to you. Let’s not discuss more reasons to visit Muktinath. So now pack your bag and go for the trip and take a break from your everyday activities.