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Kushma Bungee Jump

Kushma Bungee Jump
  • Max Altitute:1770 m
  • Price:Rs. 7500 ( WITH PHOTO VIDEO 9000)
  • Difficulty:Beginner
  • Duration:1 Days

Kushma Bungee Jump

Trip Overview

Enjoy the breathtaking Kushma Bungee Jump with Hike on Treks. Kushma Bungee is one of the most extreme and among the highest bungee in the world. The 228 m high Kushma Bungee Jumping gives you the adrenaline rush jumping experience. Got goosebumps right? Calm your heart because apart from Bungee, Kushma district offers you eye-stretching views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Ranges. It is also renowned for its amazing settlement and there are a few other activities like Swing and Syk Cycling. And 2024/25 is the right time to do it. Book Kushma Bungee Jump for 2024/25 now.

For Kushma bungee jump, contact at:

Kathmandu Office014514568,9851237317 (Whatsapp)
Pokhara Office061458550, 9801177317 (WhatsApp)
Mail us athikeontrek@gmail.com
Location of Kathmandu officeOpen Google Map
Location of Pokhara OfficeStreet No. Four Pokhara Lakeside

I am going to make your major queries clear! Yeah, we do operate Kushma Bungee Jump from Kathmandu and Kushma Bungee from Pokhara. We have a full-on package for your Bungee Experience. You should never worry about accommodation, food, and bus tickets. Hike on Treks has it all covered.

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We are now open in Pokhara as well. Hence, you can book Kushma Bungee Jump from Pokhara. For booking, you can call us at 061-460550

You can Book Kushma Bungee Jump from Chitwan, Butwal, and Sunauli as well. You can contact on above-mentioned phone number to book your jumping from anywhere around the world let it be India or major cities of Nepal like Butwal, Sunauli, Parsa, Chitwan, Biratnagar, and so on. We have an online booking and payment option for your comfortable experience. Kushma bungee jumping height is  228 m which is exciting for adventure lovers. Kushma bungee jump location is in Kushma District.

Facts about Kushma Bungee Jump

kusma bungee jump
Kusma bungee jump

Before planning for Kushma Bungee Jumping, here are some facts about the Bungee.

Operator’s NameThe Cliff Pvt. Ltd.
Kushma Bungee LocationKushma, Parvat district
Available Activities1. Bungee Jump
2. Canyon Swing
3. Tandem Swing
4. Sky Cycling
5. Ping
Bungee Height228 m.
Bungee Length520 m.
Free Fall Period (Bungee)4.5 Sec
Free Fall Period (Swing)8.5 Sec
Weight Limitations (Bungee)Minimum: 45 Kg
Maximum: 120 Kg
Weight Limitations (Swing)Minimum: 40 Kg
Maximum: 120 Kg
Tandem Swing WeightMaximum 120 Kg

What is so Special About Kushma?

Kushma Bungee Jumping Zone offers a wide variety of adventures that rare places in Nepal offer. It is the second-highest bungee jump and the highest Canyon Swing spot in the world.

  • Spectacular views of the mountains and surroundings.

  • The thrill of the freefall adventures

  • Suspension Bridge

  • Bungee Jumping

  • Canyon Swing

  • Tandem Swing

  • Sky Cycling (To be into operation soon)

  • Giant Ping

Ping in Kushma - HikeonTreks
Kunshma Bungee – Tandem Swing

The canyon swing and bungee jumping are the main activities to do in Kushma now, however, we can anticipate more of that coming. The adventure resort camp in the Kushma Bungee adds a new horizon towards pure adventure.

Kushma Bungee Jump Price

The cost of the Kushma Bungee Jump for Nepali is Rs.7500 per person and an additional Rs.1500 for a video of your jump. The cost of Bungee for foreigners is expected to be Rs.8500 per person which is yet to be fixed. However, you need to set an extra Budget for Bus Tickets, Accommodation, food, and Other Entertainment. To fill this need and make your experience hassle-free, we have completed the Kushma Bungee Package below.

Kushma Bungee Price starts from Rs.7,500 per person and an additional Rs.1500 for a Photo and video of the Jump plus Branded Tshirt.

BUNGEE7500/-Rs.1500 (Photo, Video, Tshirt)
SWING7500/-Rs.1500 (Photo, Video, Tshirt)
TANDEM SWING12000/-Rs.2000 (Photo, Video, Tshirt)
SECOND JUMP3500/-Rs.1200 (Photo, Video, Tshirt)
THIRD JUMP2500/-Rs.500 (Photo, Video)
FOURTH JUMPFREERs.500 (Photo, Video)

In addition to Kushma Bungee Jump, KushmaDistrict does offer you an amazing Swing Experience. Kushma Swing costs Rs.7000 per person and Rs.1500 extra for photos and video.

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Can I do this Bungee?

kushma bungee price
Kushma bungee

Is Bungee for everyone? A BIG no. Since Bungee Jumping is only for extreme adventure lovers and people with good health. You must meet some criteria for Kushma Bungee Jumping. Hence, make sure you don’t have any heart-related problems. Check for the following health issues before going on the adventure.

  • Heart disease
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Neurological problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy

Did you meet these Health Conditions? Then Book your Kushma Bunjee at the Best Price from Hike on Treks Nepal.

No? We know this Bungee is tough. However, if you wish for some easy bungee experience you can try Bhote Koshi River Bungee Jumping or Pokhara Bungee Jumping.

Kushma Bungee Jump Packages

What’s more interesting than getting a custom-tailored pack for Kushma Bungee Jump? We have created packages for Kushma according to your needs and necessities. Make your trip hassle-free and let us handle your boring works like Booking, Accommodation, food, and all!

Kushma Bungee Sky Bridge
Kushma Bungee Jump Location

Our 3-day Kushma trip is for those people who want to visit Kushma from Kathmandu. In this package, the overnight stay will be arranged in Pokhara.

Day 1 of Kushma Bungee: Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara

On your first day to Kushma Bungee Jump, we are going to drive to naturally blessed Pokhara which is also a tourism hub in Nepal. We will roam around Lakeside and enjoy boating on Phewa Lake. Later, during the evening, we will enjoy dinner by the shore of the lake.

Day 2 of Kushma Bungee: Drive from Pokhara to Kushma, return to Pokhara

Today, we will join other bungee enthusiasts from Pokhara and we will drive to Kusma. On reaching Kusma, you will experience the thrill of the Kushma Bungee Jump. Later on the same day, we can return to Pokhara for an overnight stay. However, we can stay overnight in The Cliff Resort and the next day we can enjoy exploring the sights in Kusma and Baglung. we can visit Baglung Bhagwati Temple in Baglung. Likewise, you can visit Gupteshowr Cave in Kusma and Alpeshowr Cave in Gadi.

Day 3 of Kushma Bungee: Drive back to Kathmandu

Today is the last day of the Kushma Bungee Jumping Experience, we are going to drive back to Kathmandu from Pokhara. If you wish to do some trekking around the Annapurna Region, then you can do that from Pokhara or from Nayapul. Get Kushma Bungee Price for Nepali.

Package cost for Nepali with 3-star hotel and Private Transport:

2-3 PersonNPR 17000Car
4-6 PersonNPR 16000Scorpio Jeep
7-10 PersonNPR 15000Toyota Hi-Ace Van

Package Cost for Foreigner with 3-Star Hotel and Private Transport:

2-3 PersonUSD 280Car
4-6 PersonUSD 260Scorpio Jeep
7-10 PersonUSD 240Toyota Hi-Ace Van

Cost Includes:- 

  • Two-way drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

  • Two-way drive from Pokhara to Kushma.

  • Activity Cost. (Bungee Jumping or Paragliding)

Cost Excludes:- 

  • Services other than mentioned.

  • Extra person’s transportation.

  • Photos and Videos of the activity.

The Kali Gandaki River Kushma Bungee Jump Package Price includes the ground transportation, Bungee Cost, Safety gear, photos and videos of the Jump, Jumpmaster fees, etc. Likewise, Hike on Travels always focuses on quality service and the cost of every travel-related package is best with us. Here the facilities from Kathmandu- Kusma – Kathmandu provide a day lunch along with a bus ticket the bungee jump price is NPR 14000.

For people who want to use their own transportation and bear the cost of lunch themselves, ‘The Cliff’ charges a cost for activities only. The rates mentioned are inclusive of all the taxes. Kusma bungee jump prices:


The Cliff Kushma Swing

Girl Enjoying Swing at Kushma
kusma bungee jump Swing

The cliff swing from the same bridge connecting Kusma and Baglung over the Kaligandaki River with a height of 228 meters (749 feet) is the highest swing in the world. Previously the Nevis Swing in Queenstown Newzeland was the highest swing with a height of 134 meters (440 feet). Unlike Bungee, swing doesn’t involve bounce however, the drop will offer you a long period of free-fall experience.

The Cliff Resort Narayansthan Baglung

The cliff resort on top of the cliff opposite Kusma Bazaar provides food and accommodation to the visitors. The resort is peaceful and offers the best panoramic view of the Kaligandaki River, Mount Dhaulagiri, and rolling hills around. The resort spreads in 25 Ropani Land on the other side of the bridge to accommodate the guests. With 12 deluxe rooms and 9 sharing rooms, the resort will have a restaurant, bar, and other facilities.

Likewise, the catering can cater to around 400-500 individuals at once for any event. As a guest, you can stay at The Cliff resort and explore high-suspension bridges around Kusma and Baglung. In addition to that, you can take a ride to Baglung Baazar and Visit Kalika Bhagwati, the Ammonite Museum, and Panchakot Dham the most popular religious sites in Baglung. Similarly, you can visit two extreme caves around Kusma Bungee, the Gupteshowr and Alpeshowr. Both of these caves have religious importance as well.

Kushma Bungee from Pokhara

Hike on Tours and Travels is operating Kushma Bungee Jump Services from Pokhara as well. Now, you can book the Kushma Bungee Experience from Pokhara as well. You can use any online payment method or visit our office to Book Bungee to Kushma. We are the authorized service provider of the Kushma Bungee Jump.

First Sky Cycling in Nepal

At the same spot near the Suspension bridge connecting Kushma and Baglung, The Cliff Private Limited had constructed the first sky cycling track in Nepal. This track would lie above 248 meters from the river. This adventurous and exciting sky-c cycling track is the first of its kind in Nepal. To ensure the people’s safety, a safety cable, and harnesses are going to be attached while cycling. Anyone who can pedal can perform cycling will be able to perform this activity. Likewise, the cycle will be adjusted to a track cable. Immerse into the highest bungee in Nepal, the swing, and the sky cycling at the same spot in Kushma Bungee, and try the adrenaline rush adventure in Nepal.

Want to experience amazing Kushma Bungee Jumping at the best price in 2024/25? Feel free to contact us for Booking!

Detailed Itinenary

Check Details Section

Trip Info

1. What's Includes

  • All ground transportation
  • Bungee cost
  • safety gears and equipment
  • Photos/Videos of the Jump
  • Jump Master and his fees

2. Doesn't Includes

  • Meals
  • Nepal Visa
  • Airport Departure Tax
  • Personal Expenses
  • Anything not mentioned in the Includes

Trip Highlights

  • The scenic drive from Kathmandu to Baglung and stop in Pokhara en route.
  • Witness the extreme bungee jumping over the Kali Gandaki River.
  • Himalayan vistas and rolling hills in the backdrop.

Important Info


Trip Map

trip map

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