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Muktinath Tour By Bus

Muktinath Tour By Bus
  • Max Altitute:3,800m
  • Difficulty:Beginner
  • Duration:3N & 4D, 2N & 3D

Muktinath Tour By Bus

Trip Overview

Muktinath Tour by Bus, Road is an enjoyable visit plan remembering Pashupatinath for Kathmandu, Mata Manakamana temple by road, visiting Pokhara and reach Muktinath temple. The whole outing is driving with agreeable jeep. Our visit plan is beginning from Kathmandu. Reach at normal city Pokhara, Natural underground aquifer in Tatopani, staggering mountain scenes from Pokhara, Jomsom, Muktinath, exceptional darshan of Muktinath temple, investigation of a picturesque scene of lower Mustang. Hike on Treks can revise the trip agenda and start the visit either from Pokhara or from any visitor to Nepal or India. We give unadulterated vegan food varieties throughout the whole visit. Serve twin sharing convenience, agreeable vehicle and amicable, accommodating Hindi and English communicating in Nepali guide. So we prefer to choose Muktinath Tour By Bus for the better experience of your Muktinath Tour. You can also choose the Muktinath Tour Package.

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Muktinath Temple Tour: Muktinath Tour By Bus

One of the celebrated packages in Nepal among Hindus and Buddhists, the Muktinath Tour is an extremely famous journey. The Muktinath Temple is located at a height of 13,000 feet above sea level at the foot of the Thorong La pass, Mustang region, Nepal. The sacred temple is also referred to among the Hindus as Mukti Chhetra, or the “home of salvation”. In this Muktinath Tour, you will be visiting a little pagoda-style temple of Lord God Vishnu which is adored by both the Hindus and Buddhists. The Buddhists love the god as one of the Bodhisattvas and Mukti Kshetra by Hindus. “. Muktinath Tour by road is one of the adventurous journeys in Nepal.

Muktinath Tour from Kathmandu

VehiclePassengerTimeCost(NPR per Person)
Jeep7-8 person3N & 4D****
Bus22-25 person3N & 4D****

Muktinath Tour from Pokhara

VehiclePassengerTimeCost(NPR per Person)
Jeep7-8 person2N & 3D*****
Bus22-25 person2N & 3D****

Chiefly the temple is with a prevailing Sri Vaishnava starting point and is revered by Buddhists. This temple is viewed as the 105th among the accessible 108 Divya Desam. The antiquated name of this spot, before the Buddhist starting point, is known as Thiru Saligramam. This houses the Saligrama sila viewed as the normally accessible type of Sriman Narayana (The Hindu Godhead). It is additionally one of the 51 Sakthi peetams. The focal sanctum of Sri Muktinath, prevalent among each of the 108 Hindu SriVaishnava Divyadesam is viewed as one of the eight most consecrated holy places for Hindu Vaishnavas. Also, known as Svayam Vyakta Ksetras, the other seven being Srirangam, Srimushnam, Tirupati, Naimisharanya, Totadri, Pushkar, and Badrinath.

The temple is little. Muktinath is perhaps the most antiquated Hindu sanctuaries of God Vishnu. The murti is of gold and is amply tall to contrast a godly figure. The prakaram(outer patio) has 108 bull faces through which water is poured. It is of frigid temperature. The holy water that streams in 108 lines around the temple complex signifies all hallowed Pushkarini waters (Temple Tanks) from each of the 108 Sri Vaishnava Divya Desams including Srirangam, Tirumala, Vaikunta, where the enthusiasts scrub down even in the frosty temperatures. In Hindu soothsaying, there are 12 zodiacs or Rashi and 9 planets or Graha, giving an aggregate of 108 mixes. Furthermore, there are 27 Lunar manors or Nakshatras which are isolated in 4 quarters or Padas each giving a blend of 108 Padas altogether. The love is led by Buddhist nuns.

The stream downstream from Muktinath along Kali Gandaki is the wellspring of all Silas or Shaligrams that are needed to set up a temple of Vishnu anyplace on the planet. It is viewed as probably the holiest spot of the journey for Hindus, Buddhists, and Vaishnavas. Close by is the temple of Jwala Mai, or the Goddess of Flame, with the amazing underground blue fire.
“Muktinath” is gotten from two words “Mukti” and “Nath” which signifies “Salvation or Nirvana” and “God or Master” separately. As per Hindu Myth, it is a conviction that this world is “MAYA” (a dream) of a life cycle taking birth and resurrection on this planet.

Muktinath Temple can be handily arrived at simply in one day by requiring 15 minutes departure from Pokhara to Jomsom at that point, one and half hour jeep drive up to the Ranipauwa, and stroll for 20 minutes up to the temple. One can likewise recruit a solitary 4-wheeler Jeep from either from Kathmandu (3 days) or from Pokhara (2 days) to Muktinath. You can reach straightforwardly at Muktinath Temple from Kathmandu in only 1 hour 30 minutes trip by sanction helicopter from Kathmandu. Choose Muktinath Tour By Bus.
Two grants are needed to gather prior to going to Muktinath. Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit and Trekker’s Information Management System Permit.

The benefit of Muktinath tour by Bus

Kathmandu to Muktinath is about 375 kilometers away. It can be reached with 2 days of driving with 4 wheel jeep. About 300 km road is well paved. The rest of 75 kilometers is a rough unpaved mountain road after Beni. It is also under construction. This is going to be one of the highways linking the Tibet border through Lomanthang Upper Mustang.
There is a benefit driving tour to Muktinath. The first benefit is to cut your expenses by skipping domestic flights of Pokhara Jomsom. Another major advantage is to stay away from flight cancellation of this sector. Pokhara Jomsom flights frequently get canceled due to harsh weather conditions in Jomsom or Pokhara. Flights are operated only in the morning time.
Omitting the above reasons, there are other benefits of Muktinath tour by road. You can include visiting many other interesting places on the way to driving. Some of those areas below.

  • Visit the longest suspension bridge in Kusma and the highest bungee place nearby
  • Visit famous holy temple Baglung Kalika
  • Also, comprise visiting Galeswor Mahadev temple on the way driving to Muktinath temple
  • Dive at Natural hot spring in Tatopani
  • Visit the exclusive mountain villages Marpha, Tatopani, Kobang, and others
  • The enjoyable driving road through Kaligandaki River valley, the deepest George and Himalayan views

Since Muktinath is located at a high altitude (3710m), one-night acclimatization at Jomsom is required before heading to the Temple. There is not any record that people got altitude sickness during ‘Muktinath Tour’ but it is always better to consult with your doctor first. In case of emergency, helicopter services are available to rescue.

Mustang District is so rich in religious and tourism values. And the major attraction of the Mustang District is Shree Muktinath Temple. You can choose different routes for Muktinath Darsan, But we prefer Muktinath Tour By Bus, or we say Muktinath Tour By Road no matter the model of vehicle you choose. Some prefer bikes, some prefer private vehicles and some prefer local bushes. Hike On Travels PVT. Ltd is offering you the best Muktinath Tour By Bus Package so that you can enjoy the tour with your family and friends. You can Book the tour by clicking on Booking, or you can call us directly at +977-9801177317  |  +977-9851237317. we promise you the best travel experiences.


Difficulty of Road Way to Muktinath

Roadway to Muktinath from Pokhara is almost 50% off. You go through the Kaligandaki River for most of your trip. It is a moderately difficult road for those who are living in the city area. The distance between Pokhara and Jomsom is 160 km and 50% of it is off-road.

Distance form Pokhara to Muktinath
Distance form Pokhara to Muktinath


Detailed Itinenary


Trip Info

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Trip Highlights

  • Visit Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, Gojeswori Temple, Swoyambhunath, Kathmandu durbar square with living goddess Kumari
  • Visit Manakamana temple with a thrilling cable car ride
  • Characteristic city Pokhara and touring in significant fascination, Temples
  • Drive with private 4 wheel jeep by means of the harsh street through average towns, picturesque scene and mountain sees
  • Wash up at Tatopani
  • Muktinath temple, scrub down at 108 taps, visit Jwalamukhi and unique love Muktinath
  • Twin sharing convenience and vegan food sources in the whole excursion
  • Supportive guide, companion, and driver from a hike on Treks
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