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Manakamana Cable Car Booking

Manakamana cable car, a place where you can enjoy the cable car along with visiting the holy place too. Manakamana is a name after the "Man ko kamana". where people visit the place for the pilgrim. Just 150 km far away from Kathmandu, almost a 4 hours drive from here you can reach Kurintar, the base of the Manakamana from where the cable car starts. And Manakamana Cable Car is one of the main attractions of Manakamana. We will guide you through the Manakamana Cable Car Booking. History Of Manakaman Cable Car Established in 1998, the first cable car of Nepal providing service to Manakamana, the famous pilgrim and tourist destination with world class facilities Manakamana Cable Car, is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company is owned and operated by Manakamana Darshan P. Ltd., a Subsidiary of Chitawn Co E Group, is the first & pioneering Cable Car Service…

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Trekking Essentials

Trekking is an adventure activity that offers us fun, excitement, and thrills.  Besides this, it also serves us some difficulties if we are not perfectly prepared for the trek. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential trekking guides in Nepal for a better trekking experience. Trekking in the Himalayas itself is dangerous. We all will come across unknown and difficult land structures which can also cause some minor to severe changes in our bodies. Thus these trekking essentials tips will help you to plan your trekking in Nepal better.  Here in this blog, we have mentioned all things that are necessary for trekking in Nepal. From essential gear and types of equipment for trekking to travel insurance and trek cancel policy all are explained. Revised Provision for Trekking in Nepal By Nepal Tourism Board: The Nepal Tourism Board and the Government of Nepal have established rules…

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How I made it to Muktinath from Kathmandu

As a member of a Hindu family in Nepal, I have always heard the desire of visiting Muktinath from my parents. They always talk about how religiously pure and important the place ihs. I never show any interest in the topic until my father asks me to book Muktinath Trip for our whole family. Being an introverted person I haven’t traveled to many places. So I decided to book the trip through a travel agency as I lack knowledge about traveling and all. As a result, I contact HikeonTreks which I get to know through my friend. I got to know they provide amazing service as my friend booked Kalinchwok Tour from them. And eventually, I decided to book the Muktinath Tour Package for 4 days and 3 nights. My father was quite impressed as the Muktinath Tour cost was only Rs.11,500 per person whereas the price of other travel…

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Kushma Bungee Package

In Collaboration with The Cliff, Hike on Treks has now launched Kushma Bungee Package. We are providing Kushma Bungee Jump at the best price. We have the best price Kushma Bungee offer for Nepali. With the ease of Kushma Bungee Online Booking - you can feel comfortable about your trip with us. What's so special about Kushma Bungee If we have to explain it in one line - "HASSLE FREE". We provide a hassle-free trip experience in the Kushma Bungee Package. Hike on Treks is also one of the affordable service providers. In the case of Kushma, it is more than adventure. You can enjoy thrilling views of mountains and greenery around. Moreover, you can visit and enjoy the local lifestyle in addition to Bungee Jump and Swing. Aside from the stunning Bungee experience, Kushma additionally offers staggering perspectives on the Himalayas, for example, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges and wide…

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Pokhara Tour Package for Nepali

A complete experience guide of Pokhara Tour Package for Nepali. Pokhara is the go-to destination of every Internal and External Tourist when they have a plan to travel. Amazing Nature, Nightlife, Greenary, Lakes, and Adventures - a complete dish for travel-freak. I am in the same category. In the last two years, I might have visited Pokhara 20+ times. Almost every month. What's so amazing about Pokhara? How much does Pokhara Tour Package for Nepali costs? We will decode all these details in this blog. So, tighten your belt and get ready to explore Pokhara with me. Book Pokhara Tour Package: 061-458550 Why Pokhara for Nepali? Pokhara, as said, is one of the most visited places. Whenever we have a break we want to spend a good time with loved ones and enjoy. The nightlife of Pokhara (especially live music and clubbing) takes our hearts out. Moreover, we can try…

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3 Reasons to Visit Pokhara

Pokhara is an amazing city with scenic beauty. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that it’s often labeled as the most beautiful city in Nepal. Pokhara is famous for mesmerizing mountain views, tranquil lakes, luxurious hospitality, high-end adventures, and diverse culture. Boasting an urbanized city that sits amidst historical, natural, and cultural areas, Pokhara is one of the topmost touristic cities in Nepal. It sits beside the Phewa Lake and has the waters of the River Seti running right through it. And all this at the foot of the Annapurna range. There are also lots of tours and activities in the city as well as day trips to nearby places giving you plenty to do during your visit. Related: Book Your Pokhara Tour Package If you’re still thinking about whether this city is worth a visit, then keep reading. Here are the three best reasons to visit Pokhara. Likewise, hike…

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