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Manakamana Cable Car

Manakamana cable car , a place where you can enjoy the cable car along with visiting the holy place too. Manakamana is a name after the "Man ko kamana". where people visit the place for pilgrim. Just an 150 km far away from Kathmandu, almost a 4 hours drive from here you can reach to Kurintar, base of the Manakamana from where the cable car starts. Established in 1998, the first cable car of Nepal providing service to Manakamana, the famous pilgrim and tourist destination with world class facilities Manakamana Cable Car, is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company is owned and operated by Manakamana Darshan P. Ltd., a Subsidiary of Chitawn Co E Group, is the first & pioneering Cable Car Service of Nepal Providing service from Cheres, Darechowk VDC Chitwan to the one of the most important hindu Pilgrimage Manakamana at Gorkha. The Commercial operation started in…

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How I did Manakamana Cable Car Tour from Kathmandu

Manakamana is one of the most sacred places in Nepal. Manakamana Temple is located in the village of Manakamana in Gorkha District, Gandaki Province, Nepal. Manakamana Temple is built to worship Goddess Bhagwati. People believe that whatever we wish at Manakamana with pure heart, we get it. Hence, I could not control my emotion and beliefs. So, I planned for Manakamana Temple Tour Package. Manakamana Tour Package offered by Hike on Treks was really amazing. Hence, I chose to book my trip with them. After my arrival in Kathmandu, we meet and plan for our tour. In this blog, I am going to share my experience. On the first day of my Manakamana Tour, I booked the Manakamana Ticket. The ticket price was very affordable. I do book my Bus Ticket to Manakamana Temple Entry. Hike on Treks is offering the tickets at the best price you can't even believe.…

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Top Five Things to do in Kalinchowk

Kalinchowk is recognized as the snowy paradise of Nepal. Standing at the altitude of 3842 m from sea level, you will get a chance to feel heaven on earth. Kalinchowk is a rural municipality but is home to amazing scenery, homey resorts on snowy hills, and the best of it is the famous Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine. There are many things to do in Kalinchowk, You can feel nature, you can sing with the birds, you can dance with the air, and you can live with your thoughts. Let's see the Top Five things to do in Kalinchowk. Experience Kuri Village Walkthrough the picturesque Kuri village on top of the hill will blow your mind. The houses of stone and wood will give you the vibes of a natural setting. Kuri Village is a small village right under the hills. The hospitality of people and the traditions they follow will make…

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Kushma Bungee Price for Nepali

Traveling has been a part of life for Nepalese. We often travel and search for places to hang around. Kushma Bungee Jumping is another hot pick for those who loves to travel. City Kushma is located in Parbat district of Nepal. Kushma Bungee joins Parbart district with Baglung. In addition to Breathtaking Bungee, the Cliff Kushma Bunjee offers you views of deadly Kaligandaki River, Dense Forest and other adventure activities. Hence, if Kushma Bungee is not in your Bucket List add now. We are offering Kushma Bungee at Best Price for Nepali. How much Kushma Bungee Costs for Nepali? The Kushma Bungee price for Nepali is Rs.7000 and if you want video of your Jump, it costs you Rs.8200. Who won't want to get this amazing just at this price. In addition, on your second jump, it costs you Rs.3500, third for Rs.2500 and fourth is FREE. You can Book…

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Kalinchowk Tour Package 2020/21

With numbers of new hotels being made now days kalinchowk has been one of the beautiful destinations for any people living in Nepal and foreigners. Any season time is best to visit this heavenly place as summer, winter and spring seasons hold their magical beauty to represent this place. Be it, you will be finding yourselves above the clouds during summer and autumn as you will be able to enjoy and play with snowballs and heavy snowfall in winter. Most of the locals enjoy going to winter as snow falls and snowballs attract lots of people in the winter season. Photography, dancing, skiing, snowball fighting, trekking, sightseeing, camping, and more stuff are widely done in kalinchowk. Locals are even friendlier in this place as they serve you with good and hygienic food and a place to eat and live with. They have a local cuisine “Churpi” made by separating whey…

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