Five Stunning places to Enjoy Snowfall Near Kathmandu

Hike on trek and travels is one of the leading tour agency in Kathmandu. You can contact us anytime if you wish us to arrange the tour during winter to relish the snowfall In the places mentioned in the article. Daman Daman lies 75 kilometres southwest of Kathmandu valley, in Makwanpur district. It lies at the elevation of 2322 meters above sea level and observes heavy snowfall during winter every year. This is the major reason, that every more than 5,000 people visits this place to enjoy the snowfall during winter. Likewise, this place offers the elegantly amazing view of Himalayas and hills, fresh waterfalls and dense forests. There are two ways to reach Daman. Either you can take a bus from Kalanki to Daman or you can hike via Chitlang. Kalinchowk / Kuri If you wish to get little beyond Kathmandu and want to observe the best snowfall experience…

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Visit Nepal 2020

Lifetime Experience Nepal had already celebrated two tourism promotion campaign. Nepal had successfully celebrated “Visit Nepal Year 1998”. Likewise, after twelve years Nepal successfully celebrated “Nepal Tourism Year 2011”. Both were a great success. Nepal Tourism Board announced the campaign in 2015, and it was supposed to be held on 2018 however, it got postponed for 2020. With the series of earthquakes in Nepal, the tourism industry of the nation was heavily affected. The mainstream media promulgated Nepal as totally desolated by the earthquake in 2015. The earthquake considerably affected the influx of tourists in 2015 and 2016 as the numbers of tourists halved in comparison to the previous years. The campaign was scheduled in 2018 to push that Nepal was a secure place to travel and solely twelve of seventy-five (Now 77) districts were laid low with the earthquake. However, with the leisurely upgrading activity of Tribhuvan International Airport.…

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Best Time To Visit Kalinchowk

Kalinchowk is one of the best destinations to enjoy the snowfall that lies just about 150 km away from Kathmandu. The place holds the importance since it is one of the holy and sacred shrines of Goddess Bhagwati. Similarly, most of the people visit Kalinchowk to Relish in the Snowfall during the end of spring and beginning of the winter. As a matter of fact, Spring is the peak travel season in Nepal however, people prefer visiting Kalinchowk at the end of the Spring and at the beginning of winter. And the only reason for this is the snow-covered view of Shrine. However, many pilgrims from Nepal visit Kalinchowk during every season of the year. it’s just that the number is high during the end of the Spring and beginning of the winter. This holy place offers the beautiful and clear crystal eye view of Mount Gaurishankhar (7,181m) during Autumn.…

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Hotels in Kalinchowk

Hike on treks and Travel have been operating Kuri Village Kalinchowk tour for 5 years. We are among the most reliable and trustworthy tour operators in Nepal. Likewise, we have been operating Multidays tours and popular treks in Nepal. Having the best hotels in the network, we provide the best accommodations on the multi-day tours. In Kalinchowk, there are numerous hotels that range from basic, classic, moderate to luxurious. However, being one of the most popular tour operators in Nepal, “Hike on Treks and Travel” have the ability to arrange the best hotel at the best price. During other seasons, our clients prefer to stay on hotels in Charikot Dolkha however, during the winter season, most of them prefer to stay at Kuri village to relish in snowfall. Five Popular Hotels in Kalinchowk Here is the list of some Kalinchowk hotels and we have been working with them for many…

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Five Most Common Travel Scams for any travellers in Nepal

Being one of the most popular and most preferred travel destination Nepal offers the best diversity in Culture and territory. Likewise, the warm hospitality of the Nepalese locals entices tourists to their overall visit. Despite the beauty of this small beautiful Nation and it’s people there are the cases of scams that are encountered by tourists in Nepal. Here’s the list of some common scams encountered in Nepal When someone tries to help you or when someone is over-friendly It’s really hard to judge people if they are really helpful and friendly or they are just showing with the expectation of tips. In Nepal, Most of the people in remote areas are really helpful and might help you simply out of kindness. However, it’s not the case every time. And hence, you must be careful. Scams related to Taxis When you ask someone about the hotel you want to stay,…

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