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When will it snow in Kalinchowk in 2019/2020? Here’s the Answer

Finally, the wait is over! Since December is already started, get ready for enjoying Snowfall in Kalinchowk with Hike on Travels Kalinchowk tour packages. We have customized Kalinchowk tour package for Nepalese, Foreigners and couples. Snowfall in Kalinchowk is expected at any time during December and January. Every weekend (Every Friday) we have fixed departures available for Kalinchowk. Likewise, when it snows in Kalinchowk, we organized fixed departures daily. With the winter rain in Kathmandu, Snowfall occurs in the upper part of Dolakha district including Jiri, Mude, Kuri and Kalinchowk. Those who have never witnessed the snowfall in their life, Kalinchowk is the best destination to enjoy snowfall. Likewise, Kalinchowk is easily accessible offering the beautiful Himalayan panorama. In addition to that visitors can worship Bhagwati at Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine. To reach Kalinchowk from Kathmandu to enjoy snowfall, we take a drive for about 8-10 hours and reach Kuri. On…

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Kalinchowk Tour Package for Couples

Take your spouse or your Girlfriend to one of the most exotic destinations in Nepal- Kuri Village Kalinchowk in Dolakha district Nepal. Kalinchowk tour package for couples is the best option to choose for some good times with your girlfriend, spouse or boyfriend or Husband. You both can enjoy a campfire in cold weather in Kalinchowk with fancy wine. The experience would be amazing. Celebrate the new beginning of your relationship with special Kalinchowk tour package for couples with Hike on treks and travels. We provide special deals for couples who wish to visit Kuri village Kalinchowk in Dolakha district. You will share the four-wheeler with other couples together until you reach Kuri village. On reaching Kuri village, you will get to enjoy campfire with fancy wine together. The next day you can visit Kalinchowk however, this one is optional. Likewise, you can enjoy snowfall in Kalinchowk with your lover.…

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Hotels in Kalinchwok and Prices

The wait is over! Now the best time to visit Kalinchowk has already begun. The months between September and February are among the best months to visit Kalinchowk. However, if you are waiting for snowfall in Kalinchowk then you still have to wait till the end of December. With the beginning of the peak season in Kalinchowk, the hotel booking for Kalinchowk tour can be a little tough. Be smart and book Hotels in kalinchowk at best cost price prior to your journey. Before choosing the hotel in Kalinchowk, make sure that the Kalinchowk hotels price best suit your budget. There are plenty of hotels in Kalinchowk however, choosing the best hotel at the best cost is a tough task. Generally, the prices the average hotels are offering ranges between 1000 to 3000 per night per room however, the food cost is not included. Likewise, most of the hotels in…

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Snowfall in Kalinchowk

When anyone talks about Kalinchowk tour packages, then the major question they ask is when will it snow in Kalinchowk? Likewise, if someone asks about the best time to visit Kalinchowk then everyone will get the same answer, the best time to visit Kalinchowk is when it snows in Kalinchowk. The Himalayas and high hills of Nepal observe the snowfall during the month of December and January. These are two peak seasons for the snowfall. So, when to expect the snowfall in Kalinchowk in 2019? The answer is in the Month of December and January. However, the snowfall doesn't occur throughout these two months. Hence, to get the exact day of snowfall in 2019, our agency keeps contacting the residents of Kalinchowk, Kuri. Likewise, we can expect snowfall in Kalinchowk when it rains in Kathmandu during the month of winter continuously for like 3 or more days. When it snows…

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Kathmandu to Darjeeling With Hike on Treks and Travels

Darjeeling Darjeeling is the mesmerizing hill station that falls in the West Bengal, India. In the 19th century, Darjeeling used to be a group of villages intermittently administered by Nepal and Sikkim. Later, in the middle of the 19th century, the British regiment captured Darjeeling and then the drastic development of the region was witnessed. Now the region is governed by the state of West Bengal, India. At present, the Darjeeling is the famous hill station and one of the best tourist destination in India. Darjeeling is popular for it’s globally consumed tea and the cultural and natural beauty that it holds. lured by the dazzling snow peaks of Kanchenjunga overlooking the hill town of Darjeeling and the beautiful tea gardens on the slopes of rolling hills along with the orchids, pines & rhododendrons makes Darjeeling a dream destination. Likewise, the cute Himalayan toy train whistling its way through the…

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