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Kushma Bungee Package

In Collaboration with The Cliff, Hike on Treks has now launched Kushma Bungee Package. We are providing Kushma Bungee Jump at the best price. We have the best price Kushma Bungee offer for Nepali. With the ease of Kushma Bungee Online Booking – you can feel comfortable about your trip with us.

Girl Enjoying Swing at Kushma

What’s so special about Kushma Bungee

If we have to explain it in one line – “HASSLE FREE“. We provide a hassle-free trip experience in the Kushma Bungee Package. Hike on Treks is also one of the affordable service providers.

In the case of Kushma, it is more than adventure. You can enjoy thrilling views of mountains and greenery around. Moreover, you can visit and enjoy the local lifestyle in addition to Bungee Jump and Swing.

Aside from the stunning Bungee experience, Kushma additionally offers staggering perspectives on the Himalayas, for example, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges and wide social varieties. It is additionally prestigious for its astonishing settlement and there are a couple of different exercises that you can do while visiting this stunning scene.

If you are searching for Bungee Experience at Best Price then Hikeon Trek’s Kushma Bungee Package is best for you.

Why should I go for Kushma Bungee?

Kushma Bungee spot engages a kind of experience that no other spot in Nepal offers. It is the second-most elevated bungee hop and the most noteworthy Canyon Swing spot on the planet. Unpredictably designed with a characteristic vibe of the Kushma Parvat, environed by the high slopes and the Himalayas, the Kushma Bungee Jumping spot has a ton of experience anticipating you. A portion of the significant attractions of the Kushma Bungee are:-

Dynamite perspectives on the mountains and encompassing.

  • Engineered overpass
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Tandeem Swing
  • Couple Swing
  • SkyCycle
  • Goliath Ping
  • Sky Bridge
  • Experience Resort
  • Town way of life, energetic culture and customs of Kushma

Kushma Bungee Package Price

Hike On Trek’s aim is to promote local tourism. We work for passion rather than money. We are providing Kushma Bungee Package at rs.7,000 per person. Here is the in-detail pricing of Kushma Bungee.

BUNGEE7000/-Rs.1500 (Photo, Video, Tshirt)
SWING7000/-Rs.1500 (Photo, Video, Tshirt)
TANDEM SWING12000/-Rs.2000 (Photo, Video, Tshirt)
SECOND JUMP3500/-Rs.1200 (Photo, Video, Tshirt)
THIRD JUMP2500/-Rs.500 (Photo, Video)
FOURTH JUMPFREERs.500 (Photo, Video)

Wanna a Book Kushma Bungee?

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