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The Last Resort Bungee Jumping In Bhotekoshi River

The Last Resort Bungee Jumping In Bhotekoshi River
  • Price:NPR 7,500 per jump
  • Difficulty:Normal
  • Duration:Can be customized

The Last Resort Bungee Jumping In Bhotekoshi River

Trip Overview

The Last Resort Bungee Jumping In Bhotekoshi River is the first and the oldest Bungee Jumping site in Nepal. Most Nepalese have experienced their first jump from here. Thus, it stands in a special place among adventure lovers. After all, it is the most popular bungee jumping site all over the nation. It is the highest bungee jumping gorge in Nepal. That is 160m in height. Also, it is situated in the eastern part near the Nepal-Tibet border. It is being operated for 20 years. The last resort bungee location is about 100 km east of Kathmandu which takes about a 4-5 hour drive. The Last Resort was established in 1998 A.D. The founders of the resort are David H Allardice and Bishnu H Neupane. It was primarily established to promote Bungee but later other adventure activities are added to make it more exciting.

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Bungee Jumping in Bhote Koshi will give you an adrenaline-rushing exciting thrill. The spot is between two high-cliff gorges. The surrounding is green which reflects the natural beauty. Similarly, the jump fills the adventure gap of our life. The spot for the jump is designed by the world’s leading bungee consultants and specialists in New Zealand. In addition, the suspension bridge at the spot is 600m long which joins the two beautiful valleys. Lastly, it may not require physical training for the jump but mental preparation is needed for a bungee jump.

After Covid, the site has been officially open since 8th November 2020. Health is the main priority so we shouldn’t avoid the health measures prescribed by WHO.

Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi River | The Last Resort Nepal

Conquer the fright of altitude with a thrilling plunge from the suspension bridge over a natural gorge of the Bhotekoshi River at the Last Resort Nepal Bungee Jump. Let, the name of the spot be Last Resort, However, it would never be the last time you wish to conquer the spot. Likewise, it would never be the last time you wish to make this jump. The jump will offer you the chills along with the best view of the Bhotekoshi River. The jumping site here in Bhote Koshi was designed by one of New Zealand’s top Bungee specialists and also has been operated by some of the most qualified and experienced Western Jump Masters, working to challenge international values well as to guarantee your safety. The bridge also has a loading factor of 250 kg per running meter.

This bridge is designed and particularly considers the safety of the dive. It is specifically designed for additional comfort and protection. The plunge on a 166m broad steel bridge over the Bhotekoshi River Gorge seems really amazing and it really is amazing. The gorge sides are lush with flora and pointed rocks that give you the ultimate adrenaline rush. According to Swiss measurements, the Bungee Bridge has been distinctively designed for Bungee jumping in Nepal with a 4x-safety factor that has a loading factor of 41,500 kg or 41.5 tons. If you are extremely curious, a thrill-seeker, and want bizarre, then bungee jumping is a combination of thrill, rush, and fear which provides an excellent and memorable opportunity. The last resort, Bhotekoshi bungee jumping Nepal is located about 102 kilometers North-East of Kathmandu.

the last resort, Bhotekoshi bungy jumping in Nepal
The Last Resort Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi River Nepal | Hike on Treks

The Last Resort Bungee Price:

The Resort has various fun and exciting activities. Among them, Bungee Jumping in Bhotekhoshi is the most popular activity. Besides this Canyon Swing, Tandem Swing, and Canyoning also have a definite share of visitors. The price for the different activities in The Last Resort is mentioned in the table:

Activity Day Trips NepaleseSAARC or Chinese
Bungy or Swing day trip900012000
Bungy and Swing Day trip1200017000
Tandem Day trip(per two people)1350017500
Canyoning day trip750010000
Rafting day trip40005000
Bungy and Canyoning trip1300016000
go and See the day trip25002500

 Activity day trips include transportation and lunch facilities.

Other than the above activities, the resort also provided the activities like rafting. Rafting in Bhotekhoshi is on the bucket list of many Nepalese people. This activity is thrilling as well as exciting. The price for rafting in Bhotekhoshi is mentioned in the table below:

Extra Activity NepaleseSAARC or Chinese
Bungy or Swing only750010000
Extra Bungy or Swing only45007000
Tandem only(per two people)1200015000
Canyoning [day 1]55008000
Rafting only20003000

The rate above includes lunch, transportation, rafting, and other tax. To run rafting there should be at least 10 people. Many national and international tourists go there for rafting every year.  Bhotekoshi Rafting is mostly avoided in the rainy season.

Information for Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi:

  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • 160 m Height
  • 600 m long suspension bridge
  • Comfortable cloth with shoes with laces
  • Personal protection like sunscreen, etc
the last resort, Bhotekoshi bungy jumping, hike on treks, bungee jumping in Nepal
The Last Resort Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi River Nepal

While visiting the last resort you can also customize the trip to explore the tourist destination near the last resort bungee. There are places like ‘Tatopani’, Listi Mandir, Khasa Bazaar, Temples of Bahrabise, etc. These places are just a few hours’ drives from the last resort. Likewise, you can also visit Kalinchowk. As the last resort is on the way to Kalinchowk, you can choose a trek or tour package to visit both places. That is why our agency provides packages like Kalinchowk Tour Package. It is a quite famous destination among national tourists during the winter season.

Conditions for Bungee Jump in Bhotekhosi:

  • You should be at least 18 years old or your parent’s content is needed.
  • You should be healthy. If you are suffering from any diseases and taking medicine then you should inform.
  • Your weight should be between 40kg to 98 kg.
  •  In weather conditions like rainfall and heavy wind, the activity is avoided.

How to book on HikeonTreks for Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi?

HikeonTreks provide you with a different customized package for the activity. So, you can call us on  014514568 (Kathmandu), 061460550 (Pokhara) to plan your trip. Our Kathmandu office is at Bhagawanbahal, Kathmandu, Nepal.  And our Pokhara office is at Pokhara-19, Airport Frontgate. Also, you can also message us on Viber and WhatsApp on above mention number. We will be more than happy to plan your vacation. You can also book the package online by paying online. After receiving your payment, we will forward you the information related to your booking. You should provide accurate information while booking. Otherwise, you may face difficulties.

If you have already done Bungee Jumping in Bhotekoshi then we recommend you Kusma Bungee jumping.  We also have packages like Kusma Bungee from Pokhara, Bungee Jump In Pokhara for people who want to go from Pokhara. And if you have not tried it, then go for the Last Resort Bungee Jumping In Bhotekoshi River. Thus, book the trip now and start the adventure-loving journey today.

Detailed Itinenary

Best Customized itinerary will be provided.

Trip Info

1. What's Includes

  • All ground transportation
  • Bungee cost
  • safety gears and equipment
  • Photos/Videos of the Jump
  • Jump Master and his fees

2. Doesn't Includes

  • Meals
  • Nepal Visa
  • Airport Departure Tax
  • Personal Expenses
  • Anything not mentioned in the Includes

Trip Highlights

  • Witness the extreme bungee in The Last Resort in Bhotekoshi River.
  • Scenic drive through the rolling hills in Nepal
  • Himalayan view in the Backdrop
  • Optional, Rafting Adventure in Bhotekoshi River.

Fixed Departures

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