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Trekking Essentials

Trekking is an adventure activity that offers us fun, excitement, and thrills.  Besides this, it also serves us some difficulties if we are not perfectly prepared for the trek. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential trekking guides in Nepal for a better trekking experience. Trekking in the Himalayas itself is dangerous. We all will come across unknown and difficult land structures which can also cause some minor to severe changes in our bodies. Thus these trekking essentials tips will help you to plan your trekking in Nepal better.  Here in this blog, we have mentioned all things that are necessary for trekking in Nepal. from essential gear and types of equipment for trekking to travel insurance and trek cancel policy all are explained.

Revised Provision for Trekking in Nepal By Nepal Tourism Board:

The Nepal Tourism Board and the Government of Nepal have established rules and regulations to ensure the safety and sustainability of trekking activities in the country. This new provision states that all trekkers are required to travel with a licensed trekker guide in the Mountain region of Nepal. Also, the trekkers have to get the TIMS card from authorized trekking agencies registered in Nepal. Further, the TIMS Card fees have been revised to NPR 1,000 per person for SAARC citizens and NPR 2,000 for other country citizens. This is the small role the board has played to ensure all visitors’ safety. For further safety and security, you yourself, and the agency you are associated with are responsible.

Though Trekking Gears and Equipment may vary from the type of trek.  It also depends on the location and the season. Some of the basic things you should carry while trekking are:

Trekking Gears and types of equipment:

1.     Duffel Bag and Backpack

2.     Trekking shoes

3.     Trekking Trousers and Dry Fit wears/ Gore-Tex Pants

4.     Windcheater and Waterproof Down Jacket

5.     Warm long-sleeve sweaters and Trekking Shirts

To stay warm and safe from the cold we need to wear proper clothes. So pack all warm and winter clothes for the trekking. Proper packing is a must for trekking. Also, you should be physically fit as you will be walking for at least 3 days straight. Hope you will not regret the choice of clothing you made while trekking after this.

Accessories to Carry:

For a better life or say the experience we should carry some accessories too. Some of these accessories are the same accessories we carry in day to life.

1.     Sleeping Bag

2.     Water purification system and Water Bottle

3.     Trekking Poles

4.     Sunglasses, Sun Screen, and Hats

5.     Foods (like energy bars and drinks)

6.     Locks

First Aid:

While trekking small accidents or injuries can occur so we should carry a first aid box. We all will be far from the hospital and health post region so we have to take care of ourselves for a time being. The major difficulty that may arise while trekking is altitude sickness. Anyone can suffer from this disease when they travel in high-altitude regions. While traveling in high-altitude regions it becomes difficult for the person to breathe and he/she will not be able to take much oxygen. In this state, he/she is suffering from Altitude Sickness. Thus we should carry preventive measures for altitude sickness, paracetamol, bite/burn cream, antiseptic, etc. Garlic soup is considered one of the local remedies for altitude Sickness.

Travel Insurance:

As wise travelers, we should do personal travel insurance when we are traveling to Nepal. This insurance will cover expenses for any accidents, high altitude Sickness, Illness, Stolen, Lost or Delayed Baggage, etc. Thus it is essential to do travel insurance. It is quite beneficial in case of any uninvited events. This insurance also covers the expenses raised by flight delays. There are various types of travel Insurance providing different services in case of occurrence. We just need to do the right Travel Insurance for better safety and protection. In addition to this, travel insurance also covers the cost of the trip you booked which was canceled due to various reasons like natural disasters, political instability, etc.

Trek Cancellation Terms and Conditions:

 If the trek is booked and we cancel it for various reasons then there are some terms and conditions which are applied in the refund policy.  Travel and Trek Agency also do various bookings like booking guides, accommodation, vehicles, etc for the trip. So to overcome all of it certain policies are made. According to Trekking Terms and Conditions, if the client cancels the booking of the trek then the refund policy is as given:

  1. After booking The Trek if an Individual Gets un-well and Cancels his/her trip Before 1 Day of the Scheduled Date Company will Charge 60% of the Trip amount as a Cancellation fund.
  2. After booking The Trek if an Individual Cancels his/her trip Before Arriving here in Nepal Due to any reason Company will Charge 20% of the Trip amount as a Cancellation fund. (Note: if an individual Postpones the trip No Cancellation change will be taken)
  3. • After the trip is started and if an individual cancels the trip in between Due to any region (Medical, Personal, etc.) no refund will be offered. The full Trip cost will be charged by the company

These are some Trekking Essentials and tips for a better trekking Experience in Nepal. If you have any confusion free put an inquiry at hikeontrek@gmail.com. HikeonTreks is a renowned and experienced travel agency that plans for a better trekking experience in Nepal with great Trekking packages.

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