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Mountain Flight In Nepal

Mountain Flight in Nepal
  • Price:Festival Offer Foreigner Starting Price USD 205 | NEPALI 13900
  • Difficulty:Beginner
  • Duration:1 hour

Mountain Flight In Nepal

Trip Overview

Witness the most exclusive Everest experience with a Mountain flight tour in Nepal. The Everest mountain flight over the series of the towering Himalayan range in the north, the long-ranged Tibetan plateau up to a closer distance of about 10 kilometers is going to be an amazing experience. The mighty Annapurna shines elegantly adding beauty to the 1-hour Mountain flight tour. The joyous flight over the Everest and Annapurna experience is available from both Kathmandu and Pokhara at a suitable price.

One-hour mountain flight tour departs daily from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and Domestic Airport in Pokhara.

The mountain flight in Nepal is beyond one’s bounds of fantasy because you might have never seen something like it before. If only you were airborne, you would love to visit the place every day to please your mind with this glorious view. Take a close glimpse at some of the world’s highest peaks including Mt. Everest and Mt. Annapurna and return home with memorable pictures because everyone gets to sit beside the window!

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Mountain Flight Cost Price in Nepal:

Kathmandu to Mountain Flight Cost
  SAARC Country &  Foreigners (Per Person)(USD)
AirlinesActual Price (USD)Discounted Price(USD)
BUDDHA AIRoffer225
Nepalese & Indian (NPR)
AirlinesActual Price (NPR)Discounted Price (NPR)
BUDDHA AIRoffer14500

Hike on Treks provides a one-hour mountain flight tour ticket booking service with the operational airlines in Nepal. Himalayan flight tours are in operation with Buddha Airlines, Yeti Airlines, and Simrik Airlines which are some of the popular airlines in Nepal. A mountain flight tour ticket price costs 205 USD per individual. This cost price includes airport tax but a round trip by private self-pay to the Tribhuvan International Airport from your Hotel.

Why Mountain Flight Experience in Nepal?

Mountain Flight in Nepal
Mountain Flight in Nepal

Immerse into the Everest Experience flight with a hike on treks and witness once in a lifetime experience in Nepal. Mountain flight is the best alternative to the helicopter flight to Everest base camp.  Since we can fly over the Himalayas in an hour-long journey in a plane inspecting the Mighty Himalayas in the North.

Everest base camp helicopter landing is the only flight to the Everest base camp. However, it’s going to cost you way more expensive than the Everest Mountain flight. Hence, the Mt. Everest flight tour is a better choice to make for the best Everest experience flight in a short duration of time.

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Mountain Flight Price for Nepali and Indian Citizens in 2024/25:

The price of a mountain flight in Nepal is going to cost 10,500 NRS for a Nepalese citizen. Likewise, it is going to cost 12500 NPR for an Indian National.

The mountain flight tour cost from Kathmandu and Pokhara is almost similar.( price update date: 12-05-2022)

Now, you don’t have to visit our office for payment. We also accept online payment for Charter flight tickets through a different gateway like Esewa, Khalti, etc. You can send it to  9851237317.

How to Book a Mountain Flight in Nepal?

Taking a mountain flight in Nepal very easy and effortless thing to do. Book or buy a ticket and you will be taken on an hour-long flight that flies higher than some of the Himalayan peaks, staring down on white glaciers and magnificent high-altitude lakes. Nepal has eight of the highest peak in the world and the only way to check out all of them is by flying across them. Even experienced mountaineers don’t get to feel them up close all in a day. The hostess classifies the individual peaks and the pilot requests each passenger to the cockpit to take pictures of the magnificent Himalayan range from their large windscreen.

Mountain Flight to Everest and Annapurna are the major destinations to explore airborne experiences in Nepal.

Everest Mountain Flight in Nepal:

Everest Mountain Flight in Nepal
Everest Mountain Flight in Nepal

let’s go on an extraordinary journey with the Everest Mountain Flight, a breathtaking experience that offers unrivaled views of Nepal’s majestic peaks. Departing from Kathmandu’s domestic terminal, the flight takes you on a scenic route towards the East, where you’ll witness the splendor of 20 of the highest peaks. Starting with Langtang Lirung, the closest peak to Kathmandu, the flight then moves towards the iconic Mt. Everest before reaching Chamlang Peak. As the plane makes its return journey, passengers are treated to a second opportunity to marvel at the spectacular vistas.

More than just a sightseeing adventure, the Everest Mountain Flight provides valuable insight into Nepal’s geography. While the concept of mountain flights is relatively new, it has quickly become a favorite among tourists for its unparalleled beauty. Operating daily in the early mornings, when the Himalayan views are at their finest, this experience is offered by major airlines in Nepal. Don’t miss the chance to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas from the comfort of your seat.

Departing Kathmandu domestic airport early in the morning before the clouds build up in the sky, passengers take an hour’s flight around the Everest region with mind-blowing views of all the major peaks in the Everest region. In case the weather is not suitable you will be either offered a refund or the option to fly again.

Mount Everest Flights Schedule:

Route:Everest Experience
Time (Local)From 06:00 Am onwards
Flight Duration:50 M

Annapurna Mountain Flight

The Annapurna Experience mountain flight flies over the major peaks of Pokhara. A close encounter with these snowy mountains will surely give you an amazing experience of your life. The flight engages from Pokhara and flies over the major mountains seen from Pokhara, it is also called Pokhara Mountain Flight.
For visitors in Pokhara, there are other options available such as taking a microlight flight to the Annapurna Massif with splendid views of the Annapurna range and Machhapuchhre among them. A microlight is a two-seater small aircraft with a powered engine intended to carry no more than two people, the pilot, and the passenger.

List of mountain flights in Nepal, Mountain Flight Schedule with Yeti Airlines, Buddha Airlines, Shree Airlines, Nepal Airlines

Nepal AirlinesFirst Flight
Flight TimeArrival Time
Yeti Airlines06:15:0007:15:00
Buddha Airlines06:15:0007:15:00
Shree Airlines06:15:0007:15:00
Simrik Airlines06:15:0007:15:00


Nepal Airlines
Second Flight
Flight TimeArrival Time
Yeti Airlines06:30:0007:30:00
Buddha Airlines06:30:0007:30:00
Shree Airlines06:30:0007:30:00
Simrik Airlines06:30:0007:30:00


Nepal Airlines

Third Flight
Flight TimeArrival Time
Yeti Airlines07:30:0008:30:00
Buddha Airlines07:30:0008:30:00
Shree Airlines07:30:0008:30:00
Simrik Airlines07:30:0008:30:00

Best season for Mountain flights in Nepal

Early in the morning is the best time in which mountain peaks are at their glory. The best months include March, April, May, October, November, and December.

If you are willing to visit the Highest mountains and attractive hills, Visit by Helicopter or Heli charter. Mountain Flight is one of the best mediums to explore the mountains of Nepal. Hence, you can book the flight from Hike on Trek at a low cost. Contact us to get more information about the list of mountain flights in Nepal.

Detailed Itinenary

Mountain flight departure

The flight departs daily from Kathmandu and Pokhara airport. The flight departure is scheduled three times a day and for a one-hour duration. The Departure time is 6:15 Am, 6:30 Am, and 7:30 Am and arrival times are 7:15 Am, 7:30 Am, and 8:30 Am.

Trip Info

1. What's Includes

  • Everest Flight cost
  • Government permits and airport departure cost
  • Airport pickup and Drop

2. Doesn't Includes

  • Personal Expenses
  • Nepal Visa
  • Travel insurance

Trip Highlights

Mountain Flight Tour Highlights:
⦁ Fly over the most stunning mountains on the planet Mount Everest(8848m), Mt. Lhotse, Nuptse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Annapurna, and some more
⦁ Window seat guaranteed for each traveler if the group is small
⦁ Wheelchair services are also available to the passengers.
⦁ The ticket is refundable in case of bad weather and other technical issues from our side

Fixed Departures

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