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Sirubari Village Tour

Sirubari Village Tour
  • Max Altitute:1700
  • Price:5400 per pax
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Duration:2 days

Sirubari Village Tour

Trip Overview

Sirubari, just a 255 kilometer far away from Kathmandu you can find Nepal’s first homestay where you can enjoy the relishing beauty of Gurung village with recreation and full of amenities. A Gurung village with lots of local production and hilly region habitat you can get yourself tempted on Nepal’s first recreation homestay for tourists back in the ’90s. Sirubari is a place where you can get yourself close enough to the beauty of Gurung locality and their atmosphere of Nepali authentic culture. So choose Sirubari Village Tour to feel the typical living of the 1st homestay of Nepal.
Tourism Development Committee, Late. Rudra Man Gurung has implemented the Sirubari Homestay back in 1980s. He has preserved the natural resources of Sirubari for the national/international destination for the tourists. A named after a place, Sirubari was coined by honorable Late. Rudra Man Gurung who has established Nepal’s first homestay where there was not even proper planning of development. He has contributed his living experience for the upcoming tourist destination in Sirubari.

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How we Operate Sirubari Village Tour

Heading way from Pokhara we are organizing Sirubari Homestay, 56 km approximately from Pokhara you can get your Sirubari Homestay (2D1N) package from your nearby location. We are operating services from Kathmandu as well as Pokhara for the domestic tour packages in Nepal where we will make you enjoy every trip at the best budget price with the best hospitality in town.
While moving from Kathmandu, we will catch the highway from Nagdhunga named Prithvi Highway from where our trip starts for Sirubari. Moving all the way from Kathmandu we head towards Manakamana- We are providing Manakamana Tour Package for a day as well as overnight, Damauli – Manungkot, a famous place from where you can see yourself above the clouds from the place where you can see the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. Bandipur- a retreat place for the travelers for the historic story of medieval Newars of Bhaktapur from where you can enjoy the Mahabharat range watching those snowy mountains, Pokhara- a place known as a lake of Nepal where you can find the biodiversity of different localities of Gurungs.

Completing 200 kilometers from Kathmandu, we are almost getting to our location just a 55 kilometer from Pokhara. Heading from Pokhara, we head towards Siddhartha Highway from where we will be staying on Bhalu Pahad (Bear Hill) where you can see the enormous hill-shaped bear. A nearby view tower in Bhalu Pahad where you can endure the bear-shaped hill. Heading from Bhalu Pahad, we can move towards our destination Sirubari. Way to Sirubari, we can see the beautiful village named Thapala. A newly named place where you can enjoy the view tower point from Thapala, you can enjoy the beautiful range of Sirubari. Just a 7 kilometer from the junction you can visit the view tower of Darau-Sirubari the endpoint of Sirubari and Darau, you can see the biodiversity of different flora and fauna. Sirubari Homestay is especially focused on the students for the study of different flora, fauna, and biodiversity in Nepal with historic moments of the place.

FAQ’s On Sirubari Village Tour

Why is Sirubari famous?
Sirubari is the first retreat in Nepal history back in 1980 with the best hospitality with a reliable place for hangout in Nepal.

How far is Sirubari from Kathmandu?
Sirubari is 255 kilometers far away from Kathmandu.

What different allocation we can see in Sirubari?
We can see the different flora, fauna with biodiversity enrichment in Sirubari.

What additional things we can watch in Sirubari?

When was Sirubari established as a Homestay retreat?
Back in 1980 honorable Late. Captain Rudra Man Gurung has innovated the Sirubaru Homestay retreat.

Trip Highlight of Sirubari Village Tour

The scenic drive from Kathmandu -Pokhara, and Pokhara -Sirubari Sightseeing around Pokhara valley

Detailed Itinenary


Day 01:
Pick up from your nearby location and heading towards Sirubari
Lunch on the way(Pokhara)
We will reach Sirubai village retreat around 6 pm
Non veg dinner at village retreat and overnight at Sirubari

Day 02:
Breakfast at hotel
Hiking around some nearby places in Thapala and Sirubari
Packing up gears and heading towards Kathmandu
On the way we will stop for BhaluPahad (Bear Hill)
Lunch on the way (Muglin)
Drop off at your nearby location

NOTE: Traditional program is available for more than 15 people for package.

Trip Info

1. What's Includes

All ground transportation by Scorpio

2. Doesn't Includes

Personal Beverages
Travel Insurance

Trip Highlights

Highlights of Sirubari
Mesmerizing those bloomy days of Sirubari, Hike on Travel and Trek is providing a overnight package from Kathmandu- Sirubari as a new destination for travellers of Nepal. Way heading towards Sirubari, we can view the Bandipur-an ancient culture of Newars from Bhaktapur, Pokhara-lakes of Nepal and Bhalu Pahad- named as a shape of bear hill(Syanja district). Nearby places like view point in Thapala and statue of Gautam Buddha you can visit those beautiful places.

Important Info

NOTE: Traditional program is available for more than 15 people for package.

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