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Pathibhara Temple Tour Package

Pathibhara Temple Tour Package
  • Max Altitute:3,794m
  • Price:NPR 12,500 BY BUS / SCROPIA 16500
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Pathibhara Temple Tour Package

Trip Overview

Pathibhara Temple Tour Package offers the journey to Pathibhara temple which is famous for the temple name ‘Pathivara Devi‘. This temple carries religious significance so worshippers from different parts of Nepal as well as from India visit this place. Pathibhara temple tour is a pilgrimage tour for every local devotee. If you want to visit the Pathibhara temple, experience the rural walk, meet different cultured people, and explore the natural heritage of the Taplejung district then the Pathibhara tour is best for you.

Also if you are residing in Kathmandu and want to visit Pathivarawith friends and family then we also provide a Pathivara tour from Kathmandu, this particular tour package is basically for 4 nights and 5 days. In addition, Pathivara is at an altitude of 3,794m from sea level and about 695 km from Kathmandu Valley. Being at a high altitude you also can get a trekking experience during the trip. Pathivara temple is located northeast of Phungling Municipality of Taplejung district. This place is usually crowded with local tourists.

Pathibhara Temple Tour Package

Pathibhara Temple Tour Package from Kathmandu Cost for 2024/25:

Cost for Pathibhara Temple Tour 
VehicleTotal PersonCost Per Person
Scorpio Jeep7 to 816500
Bus25 to 3012500

The cost for the Kathmandu to Pathivara package per person is about 14499 by Jeep. The price for the trip may differ according to group size, vehicle, etc.

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Pathibhara Temple Tour Package Short Itinerary:

Itinerary For every day:

1:     Kathmandu to kanyam
2:     kanyam to Thulo phedi
3:     Thulo Phedi to Pathivara Temple and back to Kanyam
4:     Kanyam To Dharan
5:     Dharan to Kathmandu

Note :- (( To visit temple from Thulo fed walking 3 hours and back to Kanyam ))


➡️Kanyam, Fikkal
➡️bp highway sinduli
➡️Pani Tanki
➡️Chiya Bagan
➡️Dhantakali Temple
➡️buddhasubba Temple

Remarks: By Scorpio-   4 Night 5 Days, Every Friday Fix Departure: Dashain/Tihar/Cahhat offer: NPR 16500

Pathivara temple
Pathivara temple

Pathibhara Temple Tour from Kathmandu:

We will depart from Kathmandu in the early morning at around 6-7 a.m. Then we drive towards Ilam district, the business hub of eastern Nepal. After driving for about 10-12 hours, our vehicle stopped at Fikkal widely known as ‘Phikkal Bazar’. This town is directly linked to Darjeeling (the hilly city of India) by road. Due to the long drive, we will be all exhausted and tired so we check in to the hotel to take a rest. After spending the night in Fikkal and re-energizing ourselves, we can say, “we are ready for the remaining exciting journey “.

In the morning, the scenic view of terrace tea farming, locals rushing for small business and the world-famous Ilam tea will signify the better and warm day ahead. If you are lucky and reach there on Thursday then you will be able to witness the glory of the ‘Haat Bazar’ (local vendors and farmers sells various local product).

Journey to Pathivara:

Fikkal is famous for tea leaves, ginger, broomsticks, processed tea, cardamom, etc. You can buy those items as souvenirs of the tour. If you are considering buying these local products then you should not forget the world-famous tea of Ilam. After that, we will head towards Taplejung, a little near to our destination.

On the second day of the Pathibhara temple tour, we will drive about 6-8 hours to reach ThuloPhedi, the place in Taplejung. This place is also known as Taplejung Bazar. To reach ThuloPhedi we have to hike for about 2-3 hours. This hiking opportunity serves us to observe the mesmerizing landscape views of the Taplejung district. After reaching ThuloPhedi, we will check in to the hotels there. The hotel provides sharing a bedroom with attached toilets.

If you are traveling in the season then due to crowded tourists you will have to use the shared toilets. During the night stay, you will be served tasty local food. When you are traveling further, you find yourself closer to your destination.

Pathivara Tour Package

The other day, the actual journey to Pathivara Temple begins. As Pathibhara temple carries religious importance, many local tourists and devotees want to worship the Devi without eating. There is the belief that we should not worship God in our full stomach i.e we should offer the food to the god and consume it as ‘Prasad‘.  So the local followers take bath early in the morning and head toward the Pathivara Temple with lots of faith and respect. From ThuloPhedi, we will have to walk for about 3-4 hours to reach the temple which is at an altitude of 3,794m (12,444.33 ft) from sea level. The path can be filled with snow if you are traveling there in the winter season.

Pathibhara Temple Route

The route to Pathivara Temple is referred to as ‘padayatra’. This route also serves as the secondary route to the Kanchenjunga trek. You can find different local and international trekkers on the way to the temple. The breathtaking views of Mount Kanchenjunga, Kumbha Karna, and the beautiful landscape of the Taplejung district help to forget the tiredness of the journey. When we reach Chhaatedhunga in MathilloPhedi, we finally enter the Pathivara temple area.

Pathivara Tour Package

After reaching the temple, the devotees pray to the Goddess Devi and make a new resolution to follow if their wish gets fulfilled. This process is called ‘Bhakel’ among the Nepalese locals. Although it is not a good culture to scarifies animals in the name of God, many people scarify animals in the name of giving ‘Bali’ to Devi.  Nowadays, many people are against the ‘Bali Partha’ but yet not all are ready to end this ritual which was being followed for a long period of time. In this temple, it is believed that all the wishes prayed are fulfilled by Pathivara Devi.

Return from Pathibhara temple

After ‘Pathivara temple darshan‘, we have to walk 3-4 Hours downstairs and we will return to Taplejung. At Taplejung, we relax our bodies and take rest in our hotel rooms. On the fourth day of the Kathmandu to Pathivara Tour Package, we eat our breakfast at the hotels and drive towards the Itahari i.eBirtamod. We reach Birtamod after a 6-8 hours ride. There we again stay in a hotel and prepared for the next long bus ride from there to Kathmandu.

Finally, on the last day of the trip, we will return back to Kathmandu from the Itahari. Eventually, our 5-day Pathivara tour will come to the end in Kathmandu after 8-9 hours of driving.

Safety Tips for your Kathmandu to Pathibhara Temple Tour:

Pathivara tour from Kathmandu is one of the pilgrimage journeys, so while visiting religious places at high altitudes we should consider the following things:

  1. We are traveling to high altitudes so we must take necessary health precautions for altitude sickness.
  2. Carrying personal hygiene items is required.
  3. Slow walks will prevent you from being exhausted early.
  4. While traveling to religious places, you should follow the rules and regulations stated.
  5. During the winter season, you should be prepared with the necessary gear and equipment.

Pathibhara Temple in Map of Nepal and Tour route map from Kathmandu

Pathivara Tour Package

If there is any facility or service you want to choose from personally then you freely mention your requirements. Our agency will be more than happy to serve you and provide the best service for Pathivara Tour from Kathmandu.

In short, Kathmandu to Pathibhara Temple Packages is best if you are looking for a religious tour with a nature view. From crowded Kathmandu to peaceful Pathibhara Temple, your journey seems worth every penny you spend. Also, the journey from Fikkal to ThuloPhedi and eventually to Pathivara is mesmerizing. If you want a cultural tour with a little adventurous touch, you should include the Pathivara tour in your bucket list. Book the Pathivara Temple Tour Package from Hike On Travels.

Pathivara TourPathivara Tour packagePathivara Tour-tea gardenPathivara Tours

Detailed Itinenary

Day 1:- ktm to birtamode / kanyam

day 2:- birtamode to thulo fedi

Day 3:-Thulo fedi to pathivara via illam

day 4:- illam to itahari

Day 5 :- itahari to ktm

Trip Info

1. What's Includes

  • 4 breakfast, 5 Veg lunch, and 4 Non-Veg dinner(AP plan)
  • 4 nights accommodation in tour

2. Doesn't Includes

1.Clients insurance.
2.International and domestic flight tickets.
3.Personal expenses.
4.All kinds of beverages.
5.Tips for driver and guide.

Trip Highlights

☛ visit Pathibhara Mandir.
☛ visit sano pathivara mandir
☛ Get stunning view of high cliff.
☛ Landscape & Amazing Mountain View.
☛ Visit tea garden,Ilam bazar.
☛ 4WD Off-Road Drive Experience.
☛ Hiking for 3 hours.
☛ Breathtaking Scenery.

Important Info

☛ Grounded Transportation.
☛ Hotel Rooms/Accommodation.
☛ Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast.
☛ Campfire, Music, Dance.
☛ Experience driver .

Fixed Departures

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