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Chitwan Sauraha Tour

Chitwan Sauraha Tour
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Chitwan Sauraha Tour

Trip Overview

Overview of Chitwan Sauraha Tour 

Sauraha, after Kathmandu and Pokhara, is Nepal’s most popular tourist destination. Sauraha is known for its identification of numerous wild animals and birds and is situated in Bacchyauli village in the eastern part of Chitwan district. The Chitwan National Park, which is rich in natural beauty and biodiversity, has become a popular tourist destination. Tourists will find a variety of events in Sauraha to keep them entertained. In order to feel nature closely, we suggest Chitwan Sauraha Tour to you. I know you will thank us later.

Chitwan Sauraha Tour Package
Chitwan National Park

Riding an elephant or in a car allows you to see a variety of wild animals and birds in Chitwan National Park’s natural forest. But enjoying the habitat of the One-Horned Rhino by riding an Elephant is the main attraction of the Chitwan Sauraha Tour.  The main tourist facilities available in Sauraha include an exciting jungle walk, elephant trip, jeep safari, canoe ride, tonka ride, Tharu culture program, elephant wash, experience of wildlife trophy show, and views of sunrise and sunset.

Chitwan sauraha tour
Chitwan Sauraha Tour

Similarly, the Tharu community’s traditional culture is a unique factor of the area. Sauraha is well-known for its research and observation of Sauraha’s indigenous culture and heritage. The tourism center of Sauraha, Bachhyauli village, reminds on both sides by attractive resorts and international visitors traveling about, putting Sauraha on the level with any tourist hotspot in Kathmandu. The number of interesting tourist attractions along the 7-kilometer stretch from Tandi Chowk to Sauraha Chowk amazes travelers.

Despite being in the center of Terai, the atmosphere here is remarkably clean and cold. Every year at the end of December, Sauraha hosts an elephant rally, bullock cart race, tonka race, canoe race, and elephant football tournament to promote tourism. These tournaments are open to foreigners as well. Sauraha is 7 kilometers from Tandi on the East-West Highway, which runs 162 kilometers west of Kathmandu.  Tonkas, or carts drawn by ponies, carry visitors from Tandi to Sauraha.

It takes 30 minutes to fly from Kathmandu to Bharatpur Airport, which is 11 kilometers from Sauraha. Daily tourist buses leave Kathmandu, Kantipath, at 7 a.m. for Sauraha. There are more than 70 hotels and resorts for visitors who are searching for Hotels in Sauraha.

Chitwan is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Nepal. You can Book Chitwan Sauraha Tour from Hike on Trek at a very reasonable price. We will guide you throughout the tour.


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Chitwan Sauraha Tour Package

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Chitwan Sauraha Tour Package

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Chitwan Sauraha Tour Package

Trip Highlights

For budget, mid-priced, and 3-4 star visitors, it is the eastern gateway to Chitwan National Park and jungle safaris. It has developed into a small peaceful town full of western-style hotels and resorts, bars, Coffee shops, and gift shops, starting off as a small and very cozy Tharu village of mud and daub huts and houses with a half dozen mud and daub hotels.
Safaris through the jungle and animals on foot, jeep, and elephant. You will undoubtedly see a rhinoceros. There are also a number of deer, monkeys, and Bengal tigers. In and across the jungle, there’s a lot of bird watching to be done. Particularly the wetlands region of Bish Hajar Taal (20,000 lakes), which is about 10 kilometers north of Sauraha.
A rapidly expanding but still small village that serves the needs of visitors to Nepal’s best-known safari park, Chitwan National Park. It is 160 kilometers from Kathmandu, 155 kilometers from Pokhara, and 160 kilometers from the Indian border at Sunauli. Bengal tigers, rhinoceroses, bears, leopards, crocodiles, and monkeys, among other wildlife, call Chitwan National Park (R500 entry fee) home, as do hundreds of species of birds and butterflies.
The Rapti River, which is safe to swim in, separates the village of Sauraha from the national park. During the summer months, one will walk the shrunken river’s sand dunes. It is easy to walk for miles along the mud roads to other rural Tharu villages west, north, and east of the village.