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Darjeeling Sikkim Tour From Nepal route map

Darjeeling Sikkim Tour route map from Nepal follows the route along the Kakarbhitta-Panitanki border between Nepal and India. Further, we drive along Siliguri and finally reach Darjeeling. On reaching Darjeeling we will roam around Darjeeling for sightseeing. The next day, we are going to drive to Gangtok Sikkim. Hence in gist, the route map of Darjeeling Sikkim Tour from Nepal follows the road along Kakatbhitta, Panitanki, Siliguri, Darjeeling and finally to Gangtok Sikkim. You can choose to fly from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur airport in Jhapa and get the bus for Darjeeling Sikkim Tour or You can get the bus directly from Kathmandu to Darjeeling Sikkim Tour. Kathmandu To Bhadrapur Flight On your Darjeeling Sikkim tour package from Kathmandu Nepal, you can fly from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur airport. Hence, choosing flight options for your tour, you could buy yourself an ample amount of time for Darjeeling and Sikkim tour. The distance…

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Manakamana cable car ticket Kathmandu

Call 9851237317 | 9860749060 | 9801177317 | 01-4414568 For Instant Booking Check the full package on Manakamana Mandir Darshan Package. Manakamana Mandir is the sacred and holy temple in the Gorkha district in Nepal. Likewise, to get to Manakamana, one must drive from Kathmandu to Kurintar followed by a cable car ride to Manakamana Mandir. The Manakamana ticket cost price is 675 (Two-way) for an adult. Likewise, this price is different for students, the elderly and children. Check out the details regarding the Manakamana cable car- Adult Nepali → NRS 325 (one way) | NRS 675 (both way) Nepali Children (above 3 feet and below 4 feet) → NRS 230 (one way) | NRS 525 (both way) Nepali Student → NRS 260 (one way) | NRS 525 (both way) Elderly Nepali above 60 Years → NRS 260 (one way) | NRS 525 (both way) Indian Adult → NRS 450 (one…

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The cliff Kali Gandaki River Kusma Swing

You might have heard about the swing by the cliff near the Bunjee Jumping spot at Kusma at 630 BC Resturant, However, here we are talking about canyon Kusma swing. As you have heard you can swing right at the cliff at an adventure-filled swing for like 3-5 minutes paying just NRS 50 at the restaurant. This is also an adventure-filled activity. You’ll soar above the Kali Gandaki river with all the safety measures at a normal swing or let’s a slightly daring than the normal swing. Typical Swing by The Cliff in Kusma Now Let’s talk about the adventure-filled canyon swing for the adrenaline junkies, a real thrilling adventure from the suspension bridge connecting Kusma, Parbat and Narayansthan, Balewa, Baglung. Unlike bungee, which involves the bounce during the drop, swing doesn't involve bounce however the drop will offer you a long period of free-fall experience. The height of the…

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Kalinchowk tour package price

Generally, Kalinchowk tour package price costs 5000 Nrs per person (For Nepalese) and it is the fixed rate with any of the travels. Likewise, if you travel solo then it is also going to cost you the same amount. While travelling solo, you might face several additional issues as well. The major issue faced by the solo travelers during their Kalinchowk is not getting the better accommodation in Kalinchowk. The kalinchowk hotels are packed due to the numbers of visitors and the hotels provides the lodging facility giving priority to the travelers coming by a travel company. Hence while visiting Kalinchowk, you must choose a travel company with better experience in Kalinchowk tour. Hike on Travels is organizing Kalinchowk tours since a long period of time. You choose us and stay free from any of the worries. We have managed the best cost at Kalinchowk tour package price keeping a…

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The Cliff Sky Cycling- Kali Gandaki River Kusma Bungee

The highest sky cycling track in Nepal is being constructed near the suspension bridge connecting Narayansthan, Balewa Baglung and Kusma, Parbat over the Kaligandaki River. It is expected that the construction of the Bungee, Swing and Sky cycling track on the bridge periphery would help to promote the tourism of Kusma and Baglung. Likewise, tourists and adventure admirers can enjoy three of the extreme adventures at the same spot accompanied by stunning natural beauty. The length of the track would be 270 meters long. Located at the distance of fewer than 100 kilometres from the famous city Pokhara, Kusma and Balewa boast more than five high suspension bridges in Nepal itself. Likewise, the bungee plunge of a height of 224 meters is the third highest bungee in the world. The swing is already tested successfully and the bungee and sky cycling in Nepal at Kusma- Baglung suspension bridge is expected…

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