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Tower Bungee Jump In Pokhara

Tower Bungee Jump In Pokhara
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Tower Bungee Jump In Pokhara

Trip Overview

When it comes to adventure, one should opt for bungee Jumping while visiting Nepal. Unlike other adventurous activities like Bungee Jump, Ultralight Flight, Paragliding, skydiving, and Whitewater rafting, trekking is one you obviously should give at least one try. Bungee Jumping is the kind of adventure activity where you don’t have to take exceptional training, nor do you have to prepare physically. You just have to book your jump whenever you want and simply relish the bungee jump. Hence, you must Try  Tower Bungee Jump In Pokhara, which is the only tower Bunjee Jumping Site in Nepal.

 Tower Bungee Jump In PokharaCost:

Bungee Jump Cost in NPR
Activities Nepali Citizen Foreigner
Superman Zipline850010500
Bunge Jumping6500
 Couple Bungee Jump(101m Height)12000
Couple Bungee Jump(70m Height)10800
Sky Screamer2500
Including Pickup and drop service from Lakeside

Including Pickup Drop Lake Side Pokhara Photo Video

(For Nepali 6500 | Foreigner 6500| INR 4100)

Recently, Bear Grylls, host of the popular adventure show “Man vs. Wild” did a 101m height Bungee Jump in Pokhara.

Bungee Jump in Pokhara
Bear Grylls, host of “Man vs Wild” doing  Tower Bungee Jump in Pokhara (101m)

Contact us at:

Kathmandu Office0145145689851237317 (Whatsapp)
Pokhara Office0614585509865311574 (WhatsApp)
Mail us athikeontrek@gmail.com
Location of Kathmandu officeBhagawanbahal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Location of Pokhara OfficeStreet No. Four Pokhara Lakeside

 Tower Bungee Jump In Pokhara

High Ground Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Nepal
High Ground Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Nepal

Pokhara is a famous tourist destination, and nearly every person visiting Nepal will not miss this place. Pokhara is a place favored by God and famous for different kinds of Adventure. Here, your desire for adventure and adrenaline will rush to the next degree. Besides the beautiful lakes and mountain bike treks, Pokhara is widely famous for plenty of adventure activities from Paragliding, Ultra Flight, zip-flyer, parhawking, trekking, Stand paddling, and much more.

If you think you need an overall aspect of Pokhara’s Landscape, then try glancing at it upside-down while you leap of faith from 73 meters above the ground. The adventure of bungee jumping in Pokhara is certainly exhilarating and it is one of the activities you should certainly not be missing out on.

Extra Tips :- Kushma Bungee Jumping

Pokhara Bungee Jump Tower Height:

Pokhara Bungee jump is the highest water touch Bungee in the world. Nepal’s first and only tower Bungee operated by HighGround Bungee. It is a tower bungee that is laid on a steel cliff extension and the base is besieged by mountains with water right below. Located only 25 kilometers away from the Pokhara lakeside, it is very convenient from the city. HighGround Bungee is 70 70-meter vertical drop from the tower with 3 seconds of free fall. The jump site awards a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas, the hills, and the rivers that will surely take your breath away. Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is new in comparison to Bhotekoshi Bungee, but the thrill is no less than that of The Last Resort.

Pokhara Bungee Jump Safety

If you are planning to Bungee Jumping In Pokhara, you must know the basic safety precautions before Bungee Jump In Pokhara. The first rule of any physical task is safety. Safety should be taken as the top thing to acknowledge. Hence, HighGround assures you to take care of your safety with highly qualified jumpmasters from Europe.
They have a high standard of safety measures with the latest technology. Above all you can always be satisfied with their setup, and you can jump fearlessly.

Eligibility for Tower Bungee Jump in Pokhara

There are some specific criteria for participating in Bungy Jumping in Pokhara.

  • Jumpers’ age must be 13 and older only.
  • Children between 13 to 15 age must be with their parent or guardian to sign the waiver.
  • Jumpers must weigh between 35kg and 125 kg.
  • No alcohol should be consumed during the ride.
  • Secure closed-toed shoes are a must.

Also, as stated in Boucher made by HighGround Adventure

  • Videos and Photos can be purchased at bungee Station.
  • Photos are taken from the best vantage point.
  • Videos are shot in Full HD 1080.
  • Free T-shirts on the purchase of any souvenirs.

Note:- In addition, the price of the Bungee pictures & video package with a T-shirt in Pokhara will cost you around $18.

Bungee Jump Location in Pokhara

The site of Bungy Jumping in Pokhara is not far away from the central city. It is located 25 minutes away from the picturesque town of Pokhara.
Location: Hemja, Near Tibetan Camp, Pokhara
Service: Available Everyday

Pokhara Bungee Jump

Bungee Jump in Pokhara: Highground Adventures Nepal

Highground Adventures Nepal is one of the corporations that operates adventurous activities like Bungee Jumping in Pokhara. It is located at lakeside-6, Pokhara. Firstly, the company operates many exciting and thrilling activities like Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Zip flyer, Tandem Bungee, Superman Zipline, Swing, Couple swing, etc. Additionally, it is one of the Bungee jump operating companies in Pokhara which has Nepal’s first tower Bungee. The spot is 20 min away from the Lakeside Pokhara. Further, the spot offers a stunning view of the Himalayas, green cliffs, and fast-flowing rivers. Hence, all these things complement the beauty of the site. Highground Adventures Nepal provides the Following Packages:

Call us on 014514568 to book the activity from Kathmandu. Also, you can call on 061458550 to book the service from Pokhara. Our company has offices in both Kathmandu and Pokhara. In Kathmandu, our office is located at Bhagawanbahal. Similarly, we are located at the front gate of Pokhara airport in Pokhara. You can also book the activity through Viber or WhatsApp(+977 985-1237317).

Detailed Itinenary

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is done within a day.

Trip Info

1. What's Includes

  •  Images and Videos
  • Pickup and Drop from hotel or other places depending upon activities
  • Accidental insurance
  • Taxes

2. Doesn't Includes

  • The gears
  • Personal Expenses

Fixed Departures

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