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Thering Dorje Sherpa


Thering Dorje Sherpa

Position: Trekking Guide

Meet Thering Dorje Sherpa, an esteemed guide with a rich portfolio of trekking experiences that make him an asset to any expedition. Thering has successfully navigated some of Nepal’s most iconic trails, including the Annapurna Circuit, Manasalu Circuit, Everest Gokyo, Three Pass, Langtang, and Annapurna Base Camp.

Thering embodies the qualities of loyalty, reliability, strength, and determination. As a guide, he is not just a reliable companion on the trail but also a source of strength and determination, ensuring that every trek is not just a journey but an achievement.

His extensive trekking background is a testament to his adaptability and expertise in diverse terrains, from the majestic heights of Everest to the serene landscapes of Annapurna. Thering’s in-depth knowledge of these regions enhances the trekking experience, providing valuable insights into the local culture and geography.

Thering Dorje Sherpa’s loyalty to the craft and unwavering determination to overcome challenges make him an outstanding choice for those seeking a guide who goes beyond the ordinary. Clients can trust Thering to lead them through the mountains with reliability and strength.

For inquiries or to embark on a trekking adventure led by Thering Dorje Sherpa, please find his contact information. Feel free to reach out for more details or to commence a remarkable trekking journey with Thering.


Highly recommended. You will not disappointed to do trekking here in Nepal with them.


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