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Why Should One Go for Mustang Tour?

Before learning about Why One Should Go for Mustang Tour, let’s get to know some facts about it. Mustang, one of the mountainous districts of Nepal has become a prime attraction for many internal and international tourists. On average, the elevation of the Mustang is about 13,200 ft from sea level. It lies north of the mountain like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, etc. These are some features of Mustang that make it a popular tourist destination. Mustang is known as the “kingdom of Lo Manthang” which is bordered by Tibet. It became the dependency of the “Kingdom of Nepal” in 1795. Mustang was a place for Nepalese and Tibetian traders for the import and export of goods. The majority of people living in Mustang still speak the Tibetan language.

The word ‘Mustang’ is also a Tibetan word that means ‘Plain of Aspiration’. Many parts of Mustang like the upper Mustang was restricted areas till 1992. After 1992, it is opened for tourists. But you must have special permission to visit these places. At present, it is the second least populated district of Nepal which lies in the remote part of the nation. It is also knowns as the semi-desert of Nepal. Due to less rainfall, the region is also called a dry valley along with Manang. Many trekkers and tourists from all over the world come to visit Mustang. There are various things which attract all types of tourists from local to international for Mustang Tour.

Some of Mustang Tour Highlights

Breathtaking Views of Mustang Tour

You all know, Mustang is known as Heaven of Nepal. Let it be Article, a single book will not be enough to describe its beauty. However, here are some of the major Attractions of Mustang Trips by Bus and why you should go Mustang.

Muktinath Temple

Muktinath, the Vishnu temple is located in the Mustang district. It is a holy place for the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism. The temple lies at an altitude of 3710m which is one of the highest temples. It shows the religious features of the Mustang. It is one of the ‘Char Dham’ for Hindu followers which is known as ‘Mukti Khestra’ which means ‘Place of Liberation’. Buddhists refer to this place as ‘Chumig Gyatsa’ which means ‘Hundred Waters’.

For Tibetan Buddhists, Muktinath is a sacred place of ‘Dakinis goddesses’ known as Sky Dancers, and one of the 24 Tantric places. There are 108 holy water taps, followers believe that after bathing in those 108 taps all our sins are washed away by holy water which helps us to get ‘Moksha’. It is one of the Mustang tour highlights that attract many religious tourists.


It is the headquarter of the Mustang district. There are many things that attract tourists to Jomsom. Dhumba Lake, Chhario Gompa, Rupse falls are some places you can visit there. it is the central hub of the mustang from where trekking goes to the Upper Mustang trek. Jomsom is a tiny town that is surrounded by high hills and mountains making it seems like a valley. In a green country like Nepal, it serves the landscape of the dry and rough desert. People stay here and enjoy the magnificent sight of nature like barren land, white mountain, lake, etc.

Tibetan Buddhist Culture

As it shares the border with ancient Tibet and modern China, we can observe the influence of Tibetan culture on the native people’s lifestyle. Thus, we can explore the untouched Tibetan Buddhist culture. We can taste different local food and buy local products which highly reflect their unique lifestyle. The influence of the culture can be seen in art, architecture, language, etc. attracts tourists which are curious about different cultures and traditions.

Mustang Caves

Caves in Mustang which is also known as Sky Caves of Nepal are another major Mustang tour highlights. These are the collection of 10,000 human-made caves. These caves are dug on the side of the Mustang valley. From various research, archaeologists stated that partially mummified human bodies and their skeletons have been found in those caves. These bodies are about 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Many Buddhist paintings, sculptures, etc were found in these caves but no one could ever tell who build these caves. This site is listed in the UNESCO tentative list. This is another amazing feature of Mustang.

Ancient Architecture

Mustang has different monuments and buildings which shows the unique architecture. There is the old Royal residence which features the characteristics of the kingdom of Lo Manthang. Different monasteries, Gompas, and tall whitewashed mud-brick walls are popular features of Mustang. Thugchen Gompa is one of the ancient gompas. It was built in the 15th century. We can also explore the ancient-style house of the Mustang region.


Mustang is a uniquely blessed district with nature. It is in the lap of a Mountain that surrounds by sparkling white Mountains like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, etc. But due to the dry climate, the land structure in Mustang is rocky, barren with a stiff cliff which gives the feeling of the desert. The land structure is the amazing highlight of the Mustang tour which attracts many tourists. The whole Mustang district lies within the Annapurna Conservation Area with lots of flora and fauna. Lakes, waterfalls, rivers, etc are the additional features of the Mustang.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, Mustang is one of the best places to be in Nepal. Astonishing Nature, Ancient Architecture, Muktinath Temple., Amazing Culture are some of the highlights of Mustang-Muktinath Tour.