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Top Five Things to do in Kalinchowk

Kalinchowk is recognized as the snowy paradise of Nepal. Standing at the altitude of 3842 m from sea level, you will get a chance to feel heaven on earth. Kalinchowk is a rural municipality but is home to amazing scenery, homey resorts on snowy hills, and the best of it is the famous Kalinchowk Bhagwati Shrine. There are many things to do in Kalinchowk, You can feel nature, you can sing with the birds, you can dance with the air, and you can live with your thoughts. Let’s see the Top Five things to do in Kalinchowk.

Experience Kuri Village

Walkthrough the picturesque Kuri village on top of the hill will blow your mind. The houses of stone and wood will give you the vibes of a natural setting. Kuri Village is a small village right under the hills. The hospitality of people and the traditions they follow will make your trip worth remembering. You must stop by any of the teahouses with locals and you will find out how difficult it is to survive there, but how they are managing to live happily and make people’s trip happier. Side Scene of Kuri Village is one of the top things to do in Kuri Village.

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple

Kalinchowk is named after the goddess Kalinchowk Bhabati and the Temple of Kalinchowk Bhabati on the top of the tour. You will experience the mesmerizing views of Snowchopped mountains and hills. The religious value of Kalinchowk Bhabati Temple is so ancient and pure. If you want to know more you can ask anyone from any teahouse. They will guide you. Because of the religious values and splendid views, the Temple is on the list.

Not to miss sunsets and sunrise

Witnisshing sunshine is the best medicine. The medicine which will cure your mental state. The symbol of peace and raise. You can ask anyone about the sunrise and sunsets, they will surely mention what I have mentioned before. Nevertheless, here viewing the moonrise is even more spectacular. The view of the sun diving into the ocean of clouds and the moon rising above the cloud, AHHH, too satisfying. Please do not miss it at any cost.

Ski your heart out

Kalinchowk is the most desirable place in Nepal for skiing in winter. Experience outstanding skiing on the snow and occupy yourself in some serious snowball fights with your loving one. It is one of the major attractions of the Tour. I am sure you won’t miss the chance too.

Enjoy the cable car ride 

If you are too tired of walking but still want to feel every possible thing on the Tour, Kalinchowk Cablecar is for you. You can feel the same without any effort. Sounds cool right. It is more satisfying than it sounds. The ride is short but worth it because of the heavenly views of hills. That is why riding a cable car is one of the top five things to do there.

Conclusion:- Top five things to do in Kalinchowk

If you ask anyone about the stunning places to Enjoy Snowfall Near Kathmandu, no doubt the first name will be Kalinchowk Tour. It is the place of nature. Everyone has reached the place, why are you waiting for? The article “Top five things to do in Kalinchowk” will guide you on what to do on Kalinchowk. Good luck.