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The Cliff Sky Cycling- Kali Gandaki River Kusma Bungee

The highest sky cycling track in Nepal is being constructed near the suspension bridge connecting Narayansthan, Balewa Baglung and Kusma, Parbat over the Kaligandaki River. It is expected that the construction of the Bungee, Swing and Sky cycling track on the bridge periphery would help to promote the tourism of Kusma and Baglung. Likewise, tourists and adventure admirers can enjoy three of the extreme adventures at the same spot accompanied by stunning natural beauty. The length of the track would be 270 meters long.

Located at the distance of fewer than 100 kilometres from the famous city Pokhara, Kusma and Balewa boast more than five high suspension bridges in Nepal itself. Likewise, the bungee plunge of a height of 224 meters is the third highest bungee in the world. The swing is already tested successfully and the bungee and sky cycling in Nepal at Kusma- Baglung suspension bridge is expected to come in operation by the first month of 2020.

According to the locals, the cliff is planning to set up the space for camping on the top of the suspension bridge. However, it is not verified by the cliff officials. Hence the camping stuff might be just a hoax. Get all the details regarding Bungee, swing and Sky cycling at Hike on Travels- Kali Gandaki River Kusma Bungee.

Photo source: Epariwar News