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How to Enter Nepal from India- Delhi to Kathmandu Bus

Marcus shares his experience on how he entered Nepal from India and how we- Hike on travels helped him with all the Nepal visa and Delhi to Kathmandu bus booking along with other services he needed during his trip and his half-year stay in Nepal.

Delhi to Kathmandu Bus- India

Hi, I’m Marcus, the traveller who loves to explore cultures and nature around the world. Last year I planned to visit Nepal. There were no cheap flight tickets from Europe to Kathmandu, Nepal. Out of a blue, a plan hit me. I planned the trip the long way through India. I booked my ticket to Delhi and explore around the places in Delhi and Taj Mahal in Agra. Later, while booking my bus ticket from Delhi to Kathmandu Hikeontreks showed up on Google. I compared the ticket price on most of the results that Google showed me. Still, I get the Delhi to Kathmandu ticket at best price with Hikeontreks. When I booked my ticket with these guys they gave me information regarding Nepal visa. I had little knowledge regarding the Nepal visa, I just knew that I can get a visa in India and Nepal border. However, these guys told me that this will be really disturbing rather I can now get my visa from Nepal embassy in Delhi by submitting the visa form online with required documents.

I have no complaint regarding the Delhi to Kathmandu bus I booked from Hike on travels. This could never have been better with anyone else. These guys also gave me alternatives to reach Kathmandu either by flight or by train and they gave me enough reasons to choose bus for my trip. I get on the bus from Majnu Ka Tilla in Delhi. The Bus condition was really good. I was cautious when after I reach India for the first time and I would say myself extremely fortunate to meet these guys online. Before leaving India, I had already get my Nepal visa and at the border, I get my passport stamped by Indian officer on officially leaving India and later the Nepalese officials checked my passport in Border.

Delhi to Kathmandu Bus – Nepal

For some reason, I felt relieved after I officially entered Nepal. Nepal was way more different than India, it’s okay to lose your temper in India because raising your voice is the best way to make things work in India. However, the people in Nepal are so much genuine and hospitable and losing temper in public in Nepal is the act of Embarrassment. Nepal is way more beautiful both Naturally and culturally than India. When our bus was on the lowlands of Nepal, bumpy roads on Terai the scenario was more like that of India, still way more peaceful and beautiful. After we crossed the Narayani river and reached Narayanghat we stopped for a while and later, our journey started along the highway beside the Trishuli river somewhere between the high hills. Finally, I reached Kathmandu the paradise I thought it would be, however, the traffic while entering the valley proved me wrong. Later, when I booked my Kathmandu sightseeing tour with a hike on treks, I came to know why Kathmandu is the real paradise.

On my 6 months stay in Nepal, I did different treks and tours in Nepal with a hike on treks. They managed everything at the best price that I could imagine. The most interesting trek I did in Nepal was the Manaslu circuit trek. I didn’t get the chance to do Everest Base camp trek this time, however, I will do that when I visit Nepal in near future. And I will do it with Hike on Treks.